The research will show that children who experience healthy attachments with their parents early in life are likely to be successful at coping with life skills in adulthood. Bowlby’s Attachment Theory describes deep emotional bonds between a parent and child, from the infancy stage on through adulthood. Establishing healthy parent-child attachment early in life is more likely to increase structured environments and manage coping skills as they mature into their adulthood. Identifying healthy parent and child attachment methods along with providing unhealthy parent and child attachment methods is the underlying purpose for this paper. Research and studies have been gathered from several sources that explain the Parent and Child Attachment Theory, and offer supporting facts to support healthy findings in the area of parent and child attachment theory.

Children who experience healthy parent attachments with caregivers are most likely to succeed in coping with life skills in adulthood and over their life span.

Keywords: secure attachment, insecure attachment, caregiver roles, mindfulness.

Year Manuscript Completed

Spring 2016

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Melynda Conner

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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