The infant mortality rates in the United States greatly outweigh those in other comparable countries. My research has investigated the reasons why there is such a high rate and who is mostly affected by these high rates. Many factors like social determinants, socioeconomic status, and race are a few that affect the rate of infant mortality. There is a lot of research done on this topic and each article found and used to further this research was impactful on its own. The authors of the articles that are used in this research are well known in their fields and they have many insights into this topic.

The factors that contribute to infant mortality rates can be changed to improve future outcomes. Policy changes, improving quality of care, and expanding access to care are some of the right paths that we need to take. The goal is to bring to light a problem that is not thought about because when we think of the United States, issues like this do not happen in this country. Aside from all the resources that the United States has, we are still lacking in areas as important as infant mortality.

This research will show the various solutions to solving the high infant mortality rates in the United States. Some of the articles used in this research named various programs that can help with our high infant mortality rates. More of these programs need to talk about so that people that are need of them will use them. Through the many programs and policies implemented, the United States will find a way to correct these disparities.

Year Manuscript Completed

Fall 2019

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Mr, George Barton, MBA

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Health Care Administration

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Thesis - Murray State Access only

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