Racism has been an issue that has been in the United States for many of years. Since the 1800’s history has taken place in forms of the Civil Rights Era, The Reconstruction Era, and milestones have been made with influential people such as Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks, Septima Clark. From the fight for Civil Rights to the Montgomery Bus Boycott, The Brown vs Board of Education case and the denigration of race we have come such a long way. The research for this paper examines the cases and the people who are listed above as well as looking at the different forms of race, learn about the critical race theory and its founder, as well as read experiences from teachers who have worked with students of race to give us a better understanding on how we can feel comfortable teaching the touchy subject of race in the classroom setting.

Keywords: Racism, Critical Race Theory

Year Manuscript Completed

Spring 2022

Senior Project Advisor

Tricia Jordan Ph.D

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

Field of Study

Educational Studies

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