The purpose of the collected research explained throughout this paper is to provide information on how humanity has been shaped through history. Through the recognition of mythology and folklore as the most influential aspects in the overall evolution of mankind. The creation and use of mythology and folklore are directly intertwined with the history that humanity teaches itself through years of schooling, recorded research, and oral communication. The sharing of mythology and folklore has changed throughout history as humanity continued to grow, starting from oral storytelling and arriving at present-day cinematic displays. Some of these cinematic representations are commonly known and popular films from the past few decades and can be hard to recognize. How each character and creature is created serves a purpose to prevent action/belief or to direct humanity in a certain direction, sometimes for personal benefit. There are lost ideologies and beliefs throughout time, although through the collected research, a newfound recognition can be created.

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Spring 2023

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Elizabeth Thomas

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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General Studies

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