The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, also known as OSHA, has been protecting workers safety and health since 1970. This allowed federal protection of workers safety and health rights. For many years, federal protection of workers safety was nonexistent. President Richard Nixon signed the Occupational Safety and Health act in 1970 after President Lydon Johnson’s failed attempt of establishing the act three years prior. It was a very long and difficult process for the OSHA act to come to order. OSHA has protected workers in a variety of industries such as, construction, manufacturing, and general industry. I will be discussing what the workforce was like before the act was established and what inspired our nation’s desire for federal safety and health. I also will be discussing the history of the OSHA bill and why it took so long for it to become established. As well as how it has benefited the workforce and made it what we now know it as today. I will also mention many of the important figures who have influenced the occupational safety and health movement we know today. I have provided a timeline on important moments that happened in OSHA since the act has been implemented in 1970. The article also provides many diagrams and figures to demonstrate the importance of safety in the workplace. Without OSHA, the workforce would not be what it is today. Employers cared very little about their workers safety and health, especially if safety and health protection interfered with production. OSHA has saved an incredible amount of workers lives.

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Fall 2022

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Scott Douglas, PhD

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Safety Sciences

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