Future Scholars at Risk Youth Program


The purpose of this literary review is to research the need for an at-risk youth program and to outline a program that will fit the needs of the youth in the Clarksville, Tennessee area. This review will provide current statistical information to gain an understanding of the challenges that co-exist with this problem, specifically the numbers of juveniles with criminal records and children in foster care or who are at risk of being placed in state custody. The at-risk needs defined requires dedicated services from agencies such as Youth Coalition and Future Scholars’ programs. The literary review discusses the impact this problem has on society. This review also outlines a comprehensive at-risk intervention program for youth ages four to sixteen. Also provided is a parent component to assist parents in skills teaching to provide positive parenting to their children. The program is also designed to promote school success. Effective intervention programs require teachers, parents, youth, counselors, community members and youth workers to collaborate efforts to address and meet the needs of at-risk youth. Our youth do want help, but they just need guidance and support from family, mentors, counselors, and educators to understand them and provide them with the tools to be successful.

Year Manuscript Completed

Summer 2022

Senior Project Advisor

Dr.Tricia Jordan

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

Field of Study

Educational Studies

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