to Scholars Week from 2017

Student Teacher Eligibility Portfolio, Hannah J. Bursztynski

Student Teacher Eligibility Portfolio, Miriam Elizabeth Eaton

Student Teacher Eligibility Portfolio, Hannah Marie Eubanks Ms

Student Teacher Eligibilty Portfolio, Sara Maria Gutierrez Ms

Student Teacher Eligibilty Portfolio, Darian Michele Helton

Student Teacher Eligibility Portfolio, Tara Nicole Moore

Student Teacher Eligibility Portfolio, Rebecca Anna Schreiber

to Scholars Week from 2016

Student Teaching Portfolio, Kortney M. Abbott


Obesity Due to Poor Snack Choices and Lack of Physical Activity, Kaleb S. Adams

Cortney Alexander's Eligibility Portfolio, Cortney P. Alexander Ms.


The Effects of Denazification on Education in West Germany, Helen Beckert

Scholars Week and Student Teaching Eligibility Portfolio, Shelby L. Beggs

Donors Choose Grant Project, Kelsey F. Bennett, Tamara J. Berry, and Caleb M. Burcks

Kunstler at the Courthouse: What Happens When Sixties Activism and Small Town Politics Collide?, Wesley S. Bolin


Effects of Heart Disease, Autumn Brown


Lighten Up, Brittany G. Burress

TPA Eligibility Portfolio Showcase, Erikka B. Cavanah

Depictions of Witchcraft: Stereotypes vs. Reality, Chloe Chaplin


Witchcraft in Scotland in Early Modern Europe, Chloe Chaplin

Grant-making and Philanthropic Foundations, Tori Chapman

The Death of François Vatel: A Symbol of Darkness in the Courts of Seventeenth-Century France, Kristin L. Critchfield


TPA Eligibility Portfolio, Sandy L. Crowell

The Early Tudors and Constructing English Empire, Rebecca Dames

Student Teaching Eligibility Portfolio Spring 2016, Jasmine C. Dillard


The Importance of Hand Washing on Regional Campus, Katelynn R. Dowdy

MCCCF Intern Communication Plan, Brett M. Eisenhauer and Shelby Clark


Roommate and Relationship Difficulties, Alexus Flowers


Fast way to health, Angelika Ford

Ancient Cynic in Modern Times, Norman K. Franklin III

Loose Triggers: Tackling Uncomfortable Topics in the Language Classroom, Kathryn E. Granstaff


Imperial Correlations Between the German Kaiserreich in Eastern Europe and the Third Reich in Eastern Europe, Laura Guebert

Imperialist Correlations Between the Kaiserreich and the Third Reich, Laura Guebert


COPD in the Community, Caye Hagarty

Education in the Third Reich, Maegann L. Hardison

The Ontology of Possible Objects and the Paradox of Fiction, Andrew S. Hartley


Seat Belt Safety, Houston J. Hartz

Women in Weimar: Graphic Gearings, Sarah E. Hendren


Substance Abuse, Javarius Hodge

The Glorious Revolution, William T. Hudson

Old Scratch, Beelzebub and Chillingworth: Christian Devil Representation in The Scarlet Letter, Darien M. Martin


Obesity in the Murray Community, Taylor E. Miller

Feminism in Hawthorne's Life and Works, Ashley R. Morgan

Student Teaching Portfolio - Figurative Language in Special Education, Amberly R. Moss

Weight of the World: United States involvement in the Bosnian Crisis and the Bosnian Genocide, Tracey Newport

The Nail That Sticks Up: An Analysis of Japanese Identity, Cassandra M. Nutt Ms.

Au Pays - An Examination of Culture, Identity, and Retirement, Bryant Powell


Finding the Truth: An Examination into the Use of Rhetoric in Thucydides, Eryn Pritchett

The British Monarchy & Religious Diversity, Sawyer R. Rambo

Special Education Unit- Portfolio 2016, Cassidy N. Rice

Authority in the Public Eye, Kendrick Settler Jr.

Sports Fandom and Relationships: Perceptions of a significant other’s favorite sport team, Michelle R. Sherman, Dan Wann, and Jana Hackathorn

Nonprofit Storytelling: Framing the Message for Compelling Communication, Abigail A. Siegel

Student Teaching Eligibility Portfolio Presentation, Garris Stroud


An Analysis of Hawthorne and Akutagawa, Kisaki Takeuchi


Helmets VS. No Helmets, Marcy Marie Turner Ms.

The Melody of Learning, Zuleyka Valdes


Assets and Barriers to Infection Control on a College Campus, Kimberly A. Whitaker, Matthew Allen, and Chelsey Delaney


Assets and Barriers to Osteoarthritis, Allison K. Wiles


Insta-Argument: Argumentative Writing Through a New Literacies Approach, Devan A. Wiser


Photovoice of obesity on Murray State University's campus, Karley Wray and Melissa Godby