to Scholars Week from 2017

"Wives Wanted": The Progression of the Mail Order Bride Industry, Hallie Beard

Walmart's Exit from Germany, Patrick Burke

English Permeated through the Hispanic World, Chantry Carroll

Reflections on Language Acquisition in Students who have Studied Abroad, Olivia Chamberlain

Flecks of Opals, Jackie Chesser

Hospitality: The Universal Language, Stella Childress

Covered Up & Speaking Out: The Found Objects of Emmett Till, Sarah L. Clark

The identity of the modern Puerto Rican, Robert Cruz Tirado

Kentucky Bound: Poetic Impressions of Victor Hammer, Shannon Davis


The Few and the Proud: Examining the Need for Belonging and the Need for Distinctiveness in Regards to Sport Choice, Thomas DeRossett

Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived: the lives of Henry VIII's many wives, Elizabeth H. Dunn


Same Words, Different Impressions: How Accent Upstages Words in Communication, Alexandria Farris

Foxes, Ghosts, and God: Legends of the Northern Lights, Emily Ferguson

The Roots of Imperialism: An Examination of the Trends of Empire and Genocide in Modern Germany from Bismarck to Greiser, Laura Guebert

Researching Nazi Germany, Maegann L. Hardison

Encounters with murderous monsters: presentation on Belizean folklore, Gisselle Hernandez and Gisselle Andrea Hernandez

Suffering & Silence: The Legacy of Minamata Disease, Kayla Johnson


I'm with US, But Not with THEM: A Study of In-Group Bias and Political Party, Quinn Lambert

Secularism in France, Laura Linck

Language Barriers in Nursing, Hannah Lovett

The Preservation of Mayan Identity through Syncretism, Jacob McKinney

The espanglish, Edgar Oronia


Attitudes about nudity and sexuality, Morgan Owens and Kesia M. Casey

What's Plaguing Europe?, Emily Pape

Slavery and its 21st Consequences, Blake Parker


My Best Friend is a Smurf: Assessing Racism through Children's Cartoons, Asheley M. Roberts, Morgan Owens, and Tommy DeRossett

Two Homelands: An Analysis on Japanese American Identity, Alexander Scott


I’m bad & mad! Predicting interpersonal sabotage in the workplace, Kendrick Settler jr


Autistic Traits and Executive Functioning, Meagan Smith

Third Language Acquisition of Japanese: Does Knowing a Second Language Help to Acquire Dissimilar Languages?, Gabrielle Tinebra


Who Should I Marry: Advice from Parents, Robert Tucker

Beloved Microcosm, Logan Weihe

to Scholars Week from 2016

When Actions Don’t Speak Louder than Words: How Spoken Japanese Promotes Gender Perceptions, Jessica Alford

Sexual Fluidity Levels based on Sex, Matthew T. Allen


The Effects of Denazification on Education in West Germany, Helen Beckert

Friends Close, Fandom Closer: Terror Management and Parasocial Support, Rachel G. Bernier, David Crittendon, and Asheley Roberts

Kunstler at the Courthouse: What Happens When Sixties Activism and Small Town Politics Collide?, Wesley S. Bolin


Puritanism in Mid-Seventeenth Century England, Matthew J. Buchanan

Attitudes About Nudity, Kesia M. Casey, Jana Hackathorn, and Morgan Owens

Depictions of Witchcraft: Stereotypes vs. Reality, Chloe Chaplin

The Death of François Vatel: A Symbol of Darkness in the Courts of Seventeenth-Century France, Kristin L. Critchfield

Bombs, Bullets, and Bad Guys: Realistic Violence in Video Games, David I. Crittendon

The Early Tudors and Constructing English Empire, Rebecca Dames

Real Men Don't Cry. Unless They're Playing Sports., Thomas DeRossett, Brighton Hollingsworth, Kendrick Settler, Morgan Owens, Quinn Lambert, Kaylee Noel, and Meagan Smith

Standing Out While Fitting In: The Need for Distinctiveness and Belonging in Sport Fans, Thomas DeRossett and Dan Wann PhD

Oliver Cromwell: Cromwellian Commandments, Elizabeth H. Dunn

Ancient Cynic in Modern Times, Norman K. Franklin III


2016 Presidential Campaign and the American College Student, Madison Frost

Loose Triggers: Tackling Uncomfortable Topics in the Language Classroom, Kathryn E. Granstaff


A Critique of Puritan Values and Social Restrictions, Laura Guebert

Imperialist Correlations Between the Kaiserreich and the Third Reich, Laura Guebert


Education and Literature in the Third Reich, Maegann L. Hardison

Education in the Third Reich, Maegann L. Hardison

The Ontology of Possible Objects and the Paradox of Fiction, Andrew S. Hartley

Women in Weimar: Graphic Gearings, Sarah E. Hendren


Students’ Perceptions and Stigma Toward Those with Intellectual and Physical Disabilities, Brighton C. Hollingsworth

The Glorious Revolution, William T. Hudson

Old Scratch, Beelzebub and Chillingworth: Christian Devil Representation in The Scarlet Letter, Darien M. Martin

The Scarlet Letter and Novel Structure, Cade S. Miller

Social Media and Current Events, Todja M. Mitchell

Mood and Math Task, Cory Moore

Feminism in Hawthorne's Life and Works, Ashley R. Morgan

Weight of the World: United States involvement in the Bosnian Crisis and the Bosnian Genocide, Tracey Newport

The Nail That Sticks Up: An Analysis of Japanese Identity, Cassandra M. Nutt Ms.

Effects of Binaural Beats on Working Memory Capacity and Positive and Negative Affect, Jamie J. Pigg; Dr. Michael Bordieri, PhD; and Dr. Paul Anderson, PhD

Au Pays - An Examination of Culture, Identity, and Retirement, Bryant Powell


Finding the Truth: An Examination into the Use of Rhetoric in Thucydides, Eryn Pritchett

The British Monarchy & Religious Diversity, Sawyer R. Rambo

The intersection of Tumblr fandoms and social justice activism, Asheley M. Roberts, Patrick Chamberlain, and Sean Rife Dr.

Authority in the Public Eye, Kendrick Settler Jr.

When Should You Watch Your Back: Predictors of Workplace Sabotage, Kendrick Settler Jr.

Sports Fandom and Relationships: Perceptions of a significant other’s favorite sport team, Michelle R. Sherman, Dan Wann, and Jana Hackathorn


An Analysis of Hawthorne and Akutagawa, Kisaki Takeuchi


"One Accord of Sympathy": The Relationship Between Narrator, Reader, and Puritans, Brianna E. Taylor

The Melody of Learning, Zuleyka Valdes

Factors that Impact Participation in Extracurricular Activities, Sarah E. Weekes

Stigmatizing Attitudes and Trichotillomania, Morgan Wild 3570004

Gender Theater: How Women Performed Their Gender Based On Socioeconomic and Racial Expectations, Brianna L. Willis


Greatness from Small Beginnings: Amy Hennig and the Women of the Uncharted Series, Rachel Wood