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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the ethical perspectives and observations of those charged with supervising youth livestock projects in the state of Georgia. Identifying the ethical leadership style of the agriculture/4-H agents and agriculture educators/young farmer advisors, allowed for a closer look at the ethical styles within those who are supervising youth livestock projects. Overwhelmingly, the respondents indicated that they relate most closely with a Duty ethical leadership style, suggesting the respondents will do what is required of them to fulfill the responsibilities of their occupation. Furthermore, observations of practices involved in youth livestock projects were recorded to determine the frequency at which they observe these unethical practices. Similar to previous studies, the data revealed that adult involvement and issues involving adults was most frequently observed. This trend has continued through the course of three studies spanning back to 2001. Lastly, this study looked into the relationship between the groups on the observations within the construct of animal welfare, animal preparation, fraudulent practices, deceptive show practices and inappropriate youth and adult behavior by the agents, educators, and advisors once. This study lays the ground work for future policy, curriculum and training for those involved in youth livestock projects pertaining to the ethical nature and practices in youth livestock projects.

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livestock shows, 4-H youth livestock shows, FFA livestock supervised agriculture experience, ethics in livestock shows

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