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The objective of this Phenomenological study was to analyze K-12 educators’ lived experiences, opinions, and perceptions regarding the impact of social emotional learning implementation in a small school district in Southern Illinois. Results revealed four consistent codes: Educator competence – the participants revealed that they did not feel competent enough to correctly implement SEL due to lack of consistent, on-going SEL training; Efficacy – due to school closures, virtual instruction, and inconsistencies caused by the corona-virus pandemic, SEL implementation in the school district was discontinued until further notice; Perception – the participants expressed that when implemented correctly, they believe that SEL can positively impact students’ behavior, school climate, and overall student academic outcome. However, there was no data to assess the impact on those aspects because during the corona virus pandemic, students were not going to school; as such there was no data on attendance, students’ behavior, or school climate. Additionally, standardized tests were canceled for 2020, and 2021 school years, and therefore, there was no data for test scores to analyze whether SEL impacted student academic outcomes. Lastly, the teachers reported that there was a need for training on common core alignment with SEL standards.

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SEL, Phenomenology, Self-management, Self-awareness, social-awareness, relationship-skills, responsible decision-making.

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