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This dissertation examines teacher perceptions of the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSEs) in elementary agricultural education. The study involved a qualitative research design with a sample of 10 elementary agriculture education teachers across multiple schools in Georgia. The research aimed to explore teachers' perceptions of the GSEs, their implementation, and the impact of the standards on their teaching practices and student outcomes. The findings indicate that while teachers generally have positive perceptions of the GSEs, there are also concerns related to the standards' flow from year to year, the use of hard-to-understand vocabulary, and the inclusion of FFA-related content. Additionally, the study revealed that implementing the GSEs seems to be a priority for most elementary agriculture educators. Future GSE changes should consider the results of this study and include teachers in decision-making processes. Further research should be conducted to understand elementary agriculture teachers' schedules and time management and what role extracurricular activities play at the elementary level. Overall, this study sheds light on the complex nature of implementing and utilizing standards in agricultural education and highlights the need for ongoing support and resources to ensure successful implementation and positive student outcomes.

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elementary agriculture education, Georgia Standards of Excellence

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Doctor of Education


Educational Studies, Leadership and Counseling


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Landon Clark

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Landon Clark

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