Date on Honors Thesis

Spring 5-2023


Music Business


Arts Administration

Examining Committee Member

Karen Kane, Advisor

Examining Committee Member

Dr. Christopher Mitchell, Committee Member

Examining Committee Member

Brent Webster, Committee Member


Many are unaware of the production process when it comes to live performances in the Music Industry. While the obvious barriers of obtaining a time, place, and performer can be easily concluded, many outside of the industry fail to consider other components that contribute to successful performances. The attainment of proper contracting, performance licenses, and music materials are just a few examples of the thought and preparations that go into planning and accomplishing a successful concert.

This project, from conception to execution, was intended to further my knowledge of live performance through the utilization of classroom education and industry experience. Some additional research of common best practices of individuals holding a variety of positions in the music industry will also be considered to expand on the overall guidance that this paper shall grant. This thesis may also stand to act as a basic “How-To” guide for readers if they are ever to venture into concert production and live performance.

Additional Author Comments

Though unavailable to readers through this medium, a recording of the concert was submitted to the thesis committee for consideration when deciding a grade.

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