Posters is a showcase of 100+ unique scholarly, research, and creative projects led by undergraduate students from the state-funded universities in the Commonwealth and KCTCS. During the one-day event, students present their faculty-mentored projects to those responsible for crafting higher education policy in Kentucky.

Posters will return for the 18th year to the Capitol on February 21, 2019. Submissions have now closed and are under review.

Organizing Committee & Campus Contacts

Program Coordinator: AJ Boston, Murray State University

Dr. Jonathan Gore, Eastern Kentucky University

Mr. C. Steven Cahill, KCTCS

Dr. George Antonious, Kentucky State University

Dr. Michael Henson, Morehead State University

Dr. Shauna Reilly, Northern Kentucky University

Ms. Evie Russell, University of Kentucky

Dr. Charles Leonard, University of Louisville

Dr. Cheryl D. Davis, Western Kentucky University

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