About Our Event

The 22nd Annual Posters-at-the-Capitol event is scheduled for March 7, 2024. The deadline for submission of student abstracts is December 11, 2023. Official acceptance and regrets will arrive no later than Jan. 19, 2024

With unique research projects on display, Posters-at-the-Capitol helps to increase understanding of the important role undergraduate research plays in the education of our students among those responsible for higher education funding in Kentucky. Our next program is scheduled to run from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m., with special remarks in the Capitol Building Rotunda at 3:00 p.m. Each participating institution can include up to ten posters, each with up to two representing students.

Providing undergraduates with the opportunity to engage in scholarly, research, and creative work is important to our students’ educational experience and professional development. We encourage faculty to have their students participate in Posters-at-the-Capitol to help those in Kentucky who fund higher education understand why these experiences are so important. If you are an undergraduate, we urge you to tell your story to your hometown and university legislators so that other Kentucky students can enjoy and benefit from the kind of experience you have had.