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Current Social Issues: To what degree do demographic factors account for point of view?

Abby L. Kincaid-Bohn, Jefferson Community College - Louisville
John E. Ward, Jefferson Community College - Louisville

Effects of LED and Incandescent Light on Escape Behavior of Mealworms, Larvae of the Grain Beetle Tenebrio molitor

Kendra Dukes, Madisonville Community College

High Altitude Ballooning and The Effect of Temperature on Balloon Ascent Rate

Christopher D. Young, Hopkinsville Community College

Model Truss Bridge Design

William Spicer Berry, West Kentucky Community and Technical College
Kaleb Rankin Dyer, West Kentucky Community and Technical College
Dustin Lee Schultz, West Kentucky Community and Technical College

Near-Space Conditions and their Effects on Physiology

Jennifer Jo Burden, Hopkinsville Community College
Sarah E. Bell, Hopkinsville Community College

The Effects of the Stratosphere on Materials

Ashley C. Greene, Hopkinsville Community College
Theresa M. Palandro, Hopkinsville Community College