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6th -12th Grades Engineering Project: Turbine Design

Justin M. Elswick, Morehead State University

A potential animal model of drug vulnerability

Samuel L. Case
Alexandria B. Cantrell
Aubrey L. Bennett
Katie L. Everman
Gregory K. Carter

Accents and Focus Particles Draw Attachment

Joe Castle
Torianne A. Crouch, Morehead State University

Elementary Teachers' Experiences Using Informational Texts to Teach Social Studies in Eastern Kentucky

Kelsey Purdum

Gunpowder Mill Explosions in the United States 1800-1865

Zachary Coots

Images of Feminism in the Twentieth Century

Kristina DuRocher, Morehead State University
Elizabeth Von Mann, Morehead State University

Long-term fate-mapping to assess the impact of postnatal isoflurane exposure on granule cell pre- and post-synaptic terminal structure

Cole S. Danzer

Movement in the Elementary General Music Classroom: Developmentally Appropriate Practice

Austin Wood

Music as a Means of Healing: The Effects of Music Therapy Concepts With Regard to Elementary School Age Children and on Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Cassie Gibson, Morehead State University

Redesign of a Cell Culture System to Investigate the Effects of Microgravity on Cytoskeletal Remodeling in Smooth Muscle

Danielle N. Gibson, Morehead State University
Callie Arnold, Morehead State University
Kaylee M. Whitenack, Morehead State University

Sleep Apnea Screening

Andrew Cooper
Cody J. Mitchell

The Benefits of International Studies for American Education Students

Joseph Ball

The SpaceTrek App

Brooke Hall, Morehead State University
Cameron Arthur, Morehead State University

Violent Civil Disobedience

Austin Curnutte