Lightning Talk Presentations

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A Descriptive Study of Shoulder Mobility and Movement Patterns Within Law Enforcement Recruits

Selicity Broaddus, Eastern Kentucky University
Annette Monk, Eastern Kentucky University
Michael Lane, Eastern Kentucky University

A Preliminary Study on 3D Temperature Simulation and Visualization for Beehives

Kennett Puerto, Kentucky State University
Ryne Merritt, Kentucky State University
Thomas Webster, Kentucky State University
Chi Shen, Kentucky State University

Enabling Smart Agriculture with Computer Vision

Landon Fitch, Morehead State University
Tyler Ward, Morehead State University
Kouroush Jenab, Morehead State University
Jorge Ortega-Moody, Morehead State University

Enhancing the Safety of Medication Administration: The Synergistic Role of Closed Loop Electronic Medication Management and IV Medication Administration

Kelly Goetz, Northern Kentucky University
Angela Schoenung, Northern Kentucky University
Lauren Daugherty, Northern Kentucky University
Kaitlyn Hornsby, Northern Kentucky University

Exploring the Contributions of V-type ATPase to Drosophila melanogaster Wing Development

Landon Carlton, Western Kentucky University
Ajay Srivastava, Western Kentucky University

Lyoprotectants for Stabilizing Hemoglobin and Extending Red Blood Cell Shelf Life

Ali Alkafaji, University of Louisville
Ali Ahmed, University of Louisville

Pedro Mexía and the Politics of Translation in the Early Modern World

Erin Fairweather, Murray State University
Robert Fritz, Murray State University

Stalled Progress? Five Decades of Black-White and Rural-Urban Income Gaps

Shria Holla, University of Kentucky
James Ziliak, University of Kentucky

Using Network Analysis to personalize care for Binge Eating Disorder

Legacy S. Carter, KCTCS
Dr. Anna Marie Ortiz, University of Louisville