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A Quantitative Analysis of Astarte (Bivalvia: Astartidae) from the Pliocene of the Atlantic Coastal Plain

Philip Roberson, Murray State University

Assessing Change in Bat Diets Before and After White-nose Syndrome

Amie Towery
Summer Wheeler, Murray State University

Breaking Covalent Bonds With a Mortar and a Pestle

Sebastian Jezowski, Murray State University
Alexander Thome, Murray State University
Erin Calvert, Murray State University

Can omnivores mediate the effects of degradation?

Hannah Moore

Comparison of Potential Elk Habitat in Kentucky Using Remote Sensing and GIS

Alex Cline


SREEHARSHA CHAMALA Mr, Murray State University

Differences in Soil Characteristics of Urban and Rural Areas

Gabby Barnes

Effects of Roundup on Feeding Behavior of Larval Blue Dashers, Pachydiplax longipennis.

Kayleen Parker

Estimation of the Consumption of Illicit Drugs during Special Events in Two Communities in Western Kentucky, USA using Sewage Epidemiology

Katelyn S. Foppe, Murray State University

Examining the relationship between climate and seasonal stream thermal regimes in a high desert ecosystem

Hannah Moore
Melody Feden

Examining the Relationship Between Temperature and Vegetation Phenology: what is the role of soil temperature and its measurement depth?

Monika Staszczak

Habitat Use by Paedomorphic Salamanders

Alex Woolen

Improved structural heterogeneity in a reconstructed stream affects macroinvertebrate community composition, abundance, and density

Patrick Vrablik
Michael B. Flinn, Murray State University


David I. Crittendon

Mapping the liquefaction potential of the New Madrid seismic zone using a Support Vector Machine

Katherine Johnson

Optimizing the green mechanochemical synthesis of 1,3-dimethyl benzimidazolium iodide

Jeffrey Bryson
Joseph Ryan Williams, Murray State University

Passive stream restoration: A damming approach

Melody Feden

Predicting Potential Ranges of Invasive Species Using Principal Component Analysis of Climate Variables

Matthew Wittman

Puzzle Me This: A New Method to Learn Math Formulas?

Aaron Beuoy

Red-imported Fire Ant Management Alters the Diet of Southern Toads

Lee Neighbors

Rising temperatures, diminishing returns: lake temperature effects on the mass of larval fish caught within Kentucky Lake.

Spencer Phillips, Murray State University
Christy Soldo, Murray State University
Nathan Tillotson
Ben Tumolo
Michael Flinn, Murray State University

Security of the Internet of Things (IoT)

Jordan Frantsvog, Murray State University
Saeed Almaki, Murray State University
Tyler Williams, Murray State University

Soil Responses to 48 years of Continuous No Till and Conventional Till Corn in Central Kentucky, USA

Emily Cook

Statistical Analysis of carbon movement through a Riparian soil

Katherine Johnson

Temporal Changes in Dissolved Calcium in Stream and River Waters in Western Kentucky Watershed

Adam Martin

The Detection of Exposed Clay Sources Using Hyperspectral EO-1 Hyperion Data

Zach J. Elliott

Using LiDAR to Study Forest Characteristics in Lusk Creek Wilderness

Tanner Dutton

Wildlife Use of Livestock Water Troughs in Several States East of the Mississippi River

Russell Milam
Nancy L. Buschhaus PhD, University of Tennessee, Martin
Daniel A.R. Taylor M.S., Bat Conservation International