JCSET | Watershed Studies Institute Research Symposium

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Adaptive Plasticity of Coloration in Response to Environmental Change

Karissa Coffield


Jacob Pease

Application of Optimal Control Theory to a Malaria Model

Cassidy Hill

Assessing factors driving avian diversity in bottomland hardwood forest restoration sites

Clay Bliznick

Assessing mammal use of a forested watershed impacted by overbrowsing of deer in north eastern Pennsylvania

Carson Madigan

Assessing the Influence of Stress and Behavior on Susceptibility to and Recovery from Snake Fungal Disease in the Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus)

John Hewlett

Effects of wetland restoration on fish communities in western Kentucky

Lucas Zuklic

Identifying Key Nodes in Food Webs Via Graph Theory

Emily Hoard

Kentucky Wolf Spiders Save Big with this Life Insurance Loophole

Daniel Schoenberg, Murray State University

Linking field observations and satellite data to assess the impacts of environmental controls on water use efficiency, for the state of Kentucky.

Sydney Abbott

Morph- and sex-specific differences in corticosterone of the Arizona tiger salamander (Ambystoma mavortium nebulosum)

Megan Zerger, Murray State University

Natural History eMuseum

Brandon Preston

Parasitism of Neoconocephalus katydids by the parasitoid fly Ormia lineifrons

Kyler Rogers

Preliminary Assessment of Herpetofauna Communities in Restored Wetlands in Western Kentucky

John Connock

Quality over quantity: Identifying new macroinvertebrate community metrics for improved wetland monitoring

Christiane M. Soldo Ms., Murray State University
Howard Whiteman PhD, Murray State University
Michael B. Flinn PhD, Murray State University

Reconstructing the dynamic Middle to Late Pleistocene hominin environments of Gona, Ethiopia: A fossil soil-based study

Kevin Takashita-Bynum, Murray State University
Gary Stinchcomb, Murray State University
Marie White, University of Memphis
Madeline Beasley, Murray State University
Michael Rogers, Southern Connecticut State University
Sileshi Semaw, Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana

Restored Wetlands of West Kentucky and Nitrogen Sequestering Potential

Tyler Befus

"Understanding Relationships Between Stress, Snake Fungal Disease, and Parasitism in Wild Cottonmouth Snake Populations

Emma Fehlker Campbell

Using modeling to investigate factors driving avian diversity in urban ecosystems

Clay Bliznick

Watershed Studies Institute - 12th Annual Research Symposium

Watershed Studies Institute

Wildlife communities respond differently to hydrologic restoration of wetlands in agricultural landscapes

Kinga Hill