Sigma Xi Poster Competition

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Analyzing Urban Heat Island Patterns: Investigating Localized Influences in Louisville, KY Using Geographically Weighted Regression

Zachary Brown

Artificial Split of a Class 3 Intein

Tia Ariagno

Assessing and Enhancing Climate Resilience in Louisville, Kentucky: A GIS-Based Approach

Joyceline Adom Frimpong

Assessing Multi-Scale Patterns of Woodpecker Density and Community Structure in a Bottomland Hardwood Forest

Elliot Clouse

Assessing the health and behavioral effects of turtle racing on eastern box turtles (Terrapene carolina)

Michelle Weaver, Murray State University

Assessing the interaction of stress physiology and Bd infection in Arizona tiger salamanders (Ambystoma mavortium nebulosum)

Megan Zerger

Assessing the spatial variability of soil physical properties under a corn field in Kentucky, USA

SAI NEELA KESUMALA, Murray State University

Can eDNA be Used to Locate Shawnee Hills Cavefish?

Megan Brandt

Can Red Wolf Audio Cues Establish a Landscape of Fear Within a Naïve Mesopredator Population?

Evan Lemons

Computational study of molecular structure and dynamics of the CO4 - complex

Johnnie J. Perry, Murray State University

Diabetic Drug Candidate Compounds In Vivo

Zoe Galvin

Do Fish from Streams in West Kentucky Accumulate Illicit and Psychoactive Drugs?

Jusdin Kamuf, Murray State University
Timothy Spier, Murray State University
Bikram Subedi, Murray State University

Does climate change promote cannibalism?

Melissa Ocampo

Drugs Discharged at Rest Areas during the U. S. Major Holidays

Anita Sapkota, Murray State University
Landon Jones, Murray State University
Bikram Subedi, Murray State University

Effect of Inoculant Products on Soybean (Glycine Max) Production in Western Kentucky

Emily Marsh

Evaluation of electrode geometries for portable trapped ion mobility spectrometry

Riley Patterson, Murray State University
Colton Clark, Murray State University

Evaluation of Pancreatic Development in Homozygous Glis3 Mutant Zebrafish

Abigail Santos

Identifying the Factors Affecting the Survival of the Trauma Patients Using Logistic Regression Analysis

Maggie Smith

Mapping the effects of glacier melt on Mt. Rainier using remote sensing data

Chaney Cox

New Psychoactive substances Detected in Rest Areas along the Interstate Highways

Durga Kodati, Murray State University
Bikram Subedi, Murray State University

Pavement to Pond: A Review of Management Strategies for Amphibians in Urban Environments

Jillian Murphy, Murray State University
Andrew Brown, Murray State University

Preparation and Characterization of Proton Exchange Membranes

Lauren Trout

Stratification of Potassium and Phosphorus in Tillage vs. No-Till Systems and Uptake in Corn (Zea mays) in Western Kentucky

Ava Isaacs
Kyle Krieger
Christopher Powell

Structures and properties of MgTiHn and MgVHn (n = 1-20) clusters as potential hydrogen storage materials

Camryn Newland

The Effects of Exposure to Prescription and Illicit Drugs/Drug Metabolites on Neonatal Behavioral and Motor Function Development

Jacob Thomas, Murray State University
Brandon Capps, Murray State University
Dena Weinberger, Murray State University
Bikram Subedi Ph.D, Murray State University

The effects of organic matter distribution on microbial community composition, mass loss, and methane emissions

Isaiah Radford, Murray State University
Jessica B. Moon Dr., Murray State University
Michael Flinn Dr., Murray State University
Karen Baumann, Murray State University

The Relationship Between Hydrogeomorphic Settings and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Soils and Stems in Western Kentucky’s Freshwater Mineral Soil Wetlands

Marissa Miles, Murray State University
Jessica B. Moon PhD, Murray State University
Skylar K. Ross, Murray State University
Bassil El Masri PhD, Murray State University
Gary Stinchcomb PhD, University of Memphis
Kabi Raj Khatiwada, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville
Benjamin Runkle PhD, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Wildlife GIS Mapping In Gorongosa National Park: Species-Environment Relationships And Conservation

Pinho Joaquim Munhequeira