Technology in the classroom has transformed the classroom today. Many argue if this change is for the better. Researchers have examined the benefits and possible harm of technology in the classroom. This research paper will discuss the benefits and potential harm technology can bring to the classroom. A few benefits that research has shown is that technology helps student motivation, technology increases classroom behavior, and more resources are available for teachers. In certain cases that we will discuss in this research paper students with disabilities have benefited from the use of technology. A few teachers are fearful of the change technology brings to the classroom. Some professional believe they are not up to date with current technology, and therefore cannot implement the use of technology correctly in their classroom. This research paper will also discuss how to properly implement technology in the classroom.

Year Manuscript Completed

Summer 2019

Senior Project Advisor

Tricia Jordan, PhD

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

Field of Study

Educational Studies

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