Health Care Mistrust and Disparities


Throughout this paper there will be an examination of the reasons of vaccines vs people who do not support vaccines along with the ingredients found in vaccines with the reasoning why people have a distrust of vaccines and the companies that make them. This paper will discuss the events and history of vaccines along with several anti vaccine movements that have occurred throughout history Along with taking an in depth look at how vaccines were started. This in depth look into vaccines leads up to the discussion about the Tuskegee Study and Henrietta Lacks which are notorious reasons behind why minorities African Americans in general do not trust the health care system. The Tuskegee study and Henerierrta Lacks will take a more in depth look into the ethical violations committed during this time along with racial motivation that occured and motivated these two studies. With that being said how the family of Ms. Lacks today still have not received compensation for what they did . Further as the paper progresses there will be a turn from mist trust of health to disparities that the United States in American faces for health care disparities along with a focus on insurance disparities. The insurance disparities will be broken down into long term care and how the insurance companies use bio markers to raise premiums on those people. The issues behind Medicaid and Medicare with a brief history behind the two programs. Then later on the disparities of insurances and the uninsured in the United States of American Along with discrimination that is faced for patients and how it affects their care. The insurance disparities will give a deep look at how the United States of American insurance system is flawed beyond measure and needs a calculated reform. The insurance section will go into the details and numbers of minorities facing disparities and access to care. This will lead into how it affects the minority population as a whole .

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Spring 2020

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George Barton

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Health Care Administration

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