Employee turnover is a severe problem in today’s workplace. The number of people quitting their job has risen steadily in the last 10 years, which is costing organizations exorbitant amounts of money. Replacing a less productive worker with a more productive worker can increase revenue, but replacing a valuable employee can cost the organization significantly in various ways, potentially equaling 150% of the lost employee’s salary, or even more. There are many causes of employee turnover, most of which are preventable, and it is important for management to study these issues to determine what actions to take to prevent excessive turnover in their own organizations. In this day and time, creative ways must be found to give employees a reason to stay with the organization, as opportunities are so many and varied. Then end goal is to create a satisfying work environment that fulfills the employee’s needs and engenders loyalty to the organization, thereby retaining talented employees to aid in the fulfillment of the organization's goals.

Keywords: turnover, hiring, employee, prevention, costs

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Spring 2021

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Scott Douglas

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Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

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Commerce & Leadership

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