Parks and Recreation services to a community offer a wide range of benefits to the community.

Essential questions include: Why are parks vital to a community and its citizens? How do greenspaces affect our mental, social and physical health? What impact do parks have on the environment? When people think of public services, they often think of public safety, electricity, and water services. However, another vital benefit to our community is Parks and Recreation areas. Parks elevate the quality of life and promote healthy lifestyles in children, adults, and seniors. The growth of cities economically often lies with spaces in the park. Property values certainly increase, and businesses seek to relocate to areas optimizing their natural resources. As I researched further, I found similar findings among studies of the ample benefits parks bring to a community. Parks and Recreational services bring people together, and having spaces to gather and create lasting memories will create a more cohesive community.

Keywords: Parks and Recreation, Community, Health, Environment, Social, Economics

Year Manuscript Completed

Fall 2022

Senior Project Advisor

Tricia Jordan, PhD

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Integrated Studies Degree

Field of Study

General Studies

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Thesis - Murray State Access only

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