Colin Turbett


The idea that social work in rural areas in Scotland might best be based on different approaches to those used in urban areas (where the vast majority of the population live) has received scant attention in recent years. There is a dearth of research on which to plan services that fit with such a notion. However, given the Scottish Government’s emphasis on community engagement, this is of interest. This Insight looks at the particularities of the rural context, the policy framework, and goes on to describe approaches that can be used to help social workers living and working in rural Scotland. These form a major part of Scotland’s landmass and are home to a number of Scotland’s local authorities and Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs).


This article is published with permission from IRISS and is in its original format.

Turbett, C. (2019). Rural social work in Scotland. Insights: A Series of Evidence Summaries, No. 47. Glasgow: Institute for Research and Innovation of Social Services. https://www.iriss.org.uk/resources/insights/rural-social-work-scotland

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