to Scholars Week from 2017

Identifying Ergonomic Risk in Marching Percussion, Hope Archer

Holy Moley! Using mole salamanders (Ambystoma talpoideum) to understand the impacts of body size variation of top predators on trophic cascades, Robin Baker, Cy Mott Ph.D., Coty Fields, Katelyn May, and Howard Whiteman Ph.D.

Effects of Density and Size Structure on Omnivorous Trophic Cascades, Donald J. Benkendorf

How do alluvial landforms affect the storage of soil organic carbon? A case study from humid-temperate western Kentucky, Benedict W. Ferguson

Phenotypic Expression Caused by glis3 Knockout in Zebrafish, Danio rerio, Dylan Hammrich

Determining Optimal Boat Electrofishing Settings for Fish Community Sampling, Bradley Hartman

Determining the spatial and temporal expression of transcription factor glis3 during pancreatic development, Tyler M. Hoard

Bat Community Structure in Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area Following White-nose Occurrence, Macy Kailing

Identifying and Evaluating Ergonomic Risk Factors at a Poultry Processing Facility, Alex Klapp and Cameron Bishop

Ergonomic assessment of a retail grocery store, Casey Lee, Nijel Renfro, and Shane Leonard

Climate and Human Controls on Flooding in the Middle Tennessee River Valley, Christopher Stewart

Important Factors Affecting Larval Fish Phenology in Kentucky Lake, Nathan A. Tillotson, Ben B. Tumolo, Spencer Phillips, and Michael B. Flinn

Using Presence-Only Absence to Determine the Distribution of an Amphibian-killing Fungus, Melanie Torres

Investigating the effects of stream restoration on fish and macroinvertebrate community dynamics and stream-wetland interactions, Patrick Vrablik and Michael B. Flinn

Vegetation Mapping of Mammoth Cave National Park Using Multispectral Imagery, Hongli Yang

to Scholars Week from 2016

The impact of extirpation and reintroduction of a size-structured predator on trophic cascades, Robin Baker

Effects of Omnivory on Trophic Cascades, Donald J. Benkendorf


Integration of Lidar and Imagery to delineated Water Bodies for Change Detection, Ashley E. Casselberry and Cetin Haluk

A First Look at the Population Demographics of Silver Carp in Kentucky Lake, Allison M. DeRose


Mapping the variability of soil quality indicators in natural versus agricultural ecosystems, Mary G. Derting Miss


Landform Mapping of The Clarks River Alluvial System Using LiDAR DEMs, Benedict W. Ferguson


Fishing With Geographic Information Systems, James L. Freeman

The influence of competition and soil on the distribution of two potentially dominant bunchgrass species: Wiregrass (Aristida stricta) and little bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium), James C. Groover


CricketSat: Space Temperature Measurement Module, Mitchell I. Harris and Saeed Almalki


Kentucky Rural Development, Patrick J. Hooks


Change Detection of Mount Nyiragongo Post Eruption, Molly E. Karnes

Using Stable Isotope Analysis to Quantify Isotopic Niche Overlap between Silver Carp and Gizzard Shad, Dalton D. Lebeda


Tracking Earthquake Frequency and Intensity in Oklahoma, Kristin Lorenzini

Distinguishing between Eurasian Wild boar Hybrids and Feral Swine Using Molecular and Morphological Analyses, Jason Matthews

Ergonomic Field Assessment of Construction Workers, James David Nance and Kaitlin M. Budnick

The Relationship of Head Morphology and Diet among Three Sympatric Watersnake Species, Micah W. Perkins Mr.


A GIS Analysis of Waulsortian-like Mounds in the Mississippian of Kentucky and Tennessee, Philip Roberson

Examining the effects of riparian disturbance on litter decomposition in a degraded stream, Carla Rothenbuecher

Characteristics of roost tree use by the tri-colored bat (Perimyotis subflavus) post- white-nose syndrome in the Four Rivers watershed, Katherine Schaefer


Measuring Leaf Area Index (LAI) and vegetation growing season length to better understand the interactions and feedbacks between vegetation and the changing climate., Steven Schwarz


A Biological Survey of Sloan's Crossing Pond, Mammoth Cave National Park, Kentucky, Christiane M. Soldo Ms.


Analysis of Forest Structure Among Management Types at Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky, Miranda Thompson

Habitat Modeling of a Disease Using Remote Sensing and GIS, Melanie Torres

Ergonomic Assessment for a Warehouse Distribution Center., Denis Tukasingura, Meghan Mattmiller, and Sam Armstrong

Land Cover Analysis of Pulaski County for White-tailed Deer Odocoileus virginianus Habitat, Tyler T. Webb

Ergonomic Assessment in a Poultry Facility, Toni Wickson


Adoption Statistics Analysis Using Geographic Information Systems, Ashtan H. Williams


Vegetation Mapping of Mammoth Cave National Park using Multi-date Landsat-8 Imagery and Lidar data, Hongli Yang and Robin Q. Zhang

Ergonomic Assessment for a Small Engine Manufacturing Plant, Justin York and James Kemp