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Kentucky Teacher Education Journal

The purpose of the Kentucky Teacher Education Journal (KTEJ) is to provide a forum for the dissemination of original research, critical issues, information and ideas concerning teacher preparation to advance instruction for educators of exceptional and gifted children, for a positive impact on the education of students with and without disabilities. This journal has a focus of national, regional and state perspectives and research related to teacher education issues in special education and gifted education.

Call for Proposals

Kentucky Teacher Education Journal (KETJ)
Special Edition
The Kentucky Teacher Education Division (TED) of the International Council for Exceptional Children

The Kentucky Teacher Education Division (TED) of the International Council for Exceptional Children is planning to publish a special edition of our online, refereed journal, KTEJ, in Winter 2020 KTEJ seeks faculty proposals for articles that promote evidence-based classroom practices presented at the National TED Conference in New Orleans, November 9-12, 2019 or the Kentucky Council for Exceptional Children Conference, November 24-26, 2019 discussing excellence in student learning. Proposals are due by February 25,2020.

Questions may be addressed to Dr. Jamie Mahoney at ; editor of the Winter special edition

Read the full CFP at this link.

Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1 (2019) Summer 2019 Keep Summit Two


Kentucky Teacher Education Journal (KTEJ)
Kentucky Research to Practice
Summer Special Edition
Summer 2019 KEEP Summit Two
September 2019

Kentucky Teacher Education Journal- KEEP Summit Two

The KEEP Summit was an exciting research collaboration between professors and students. This edition of the journal comprises articles written about Teacher Candidate's Perspectives on Trauma Informed Teaching as related to classroom management and evidence-based practices. Teacher collaboration with community partners enhancing clinical practices discusses pedagogy to improve teacher education programs. Choice as an antecedent intervention for children with emotional and behavioral disabilities and disorders is discussed in another thoughtful article. How to use music therapy in the educational system to provide benefits for students with social, emotional, and behavioral needs as a therapy is yet another article provided within this issue of the journal. And finally, looking into the importance of teacher behaviors to increase student success in the classroom- Are the teachers prepared to meet the needs of the emotional and behavioral disordered students?

Classroom dynamics and diversity continues to change as the social structures of the world around us changes. Our interventions and strategies will need to learn to adapt and change in order to help our students learn to be successful in our ever-changing and highly evolving world around us.

The researchers and authors found within this issue of KTEJ have taken tried and true interventions, synthesized the information and created new applications and found useful new ways to apply these strategies for our millennial and generation Z students in our diverse classrooms. No longer are the one size fits all accommodations and adaptations going to work. Truly individualized instruction must be considered.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the interventions, research, and strategies presented within this Volume and Issue of KTEJ.

Jamie Mahoney

Research Articles


Teacher Candidates’ Emerging Perspectives on Trauma Informed Teaching
Mary S. Thomas, Penny B. Howell, Shantel Crosby, Elmedina Brkic, Kaleb Clemons, Lydia McKinley, and Sedekia Peter


Collaboration With Community Partners to Enhance Clinical Practice
Susan Keesey, christina noel, Nancy Hulan, and Pete Hoechner


Music Therapy’s Role in the Education System
Madison Riley, Tori L. Colson, and Moriah Smothers