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KEEP Summit

KEEP Summit Conference held May 20-21

Kentucky Teacher Education Journal (KTEJ) Kentucky Research to Practice: Special Edition KEEP Summit September 2018 Kentucky Teacher Education Journal- KEEP Summit Special Edition The KEEP Summit was an exciting research collaboration between professors and students. This publication of the Kentucky Teacher Education Journal provides several articles related to special education topics such as FAPE, LRE, Implications for Inclusion & Co-teaching; Growth Mindset & GRIT; Using American Sign Language for Sight Words; Using High Leverage Practices for Twice Exceptional Students; Preparing Teachers for Deeper Community Partnerships; and finally, Clinical Literacy Experiences. The FAPE, LRE, & Related Laws Implications and Co-teaching article discusses the federal laws and mandates imposed upon schools with inclusive classrooms. The students with various disabilities general education teachers require more professional development trainings in order to understand the legal rights under IDEA to ensure these students are provided a free appropriate public education. The Critical Literacy Experience article discusses a twice weekly semester-long experience for preservice teachers researching the five critical literacy components for struggling readers using high leverage practices. This experience was provided with a partner school allowing preservice teachers the opportunity to build confidence with struggling readers. The Growth Mindset & GRIT (Growth, Resilience, Integrity, Tenacity) article discusses teacher prep-programs developing preservice future teachers ready to accept the challenges of today’s classrooms. Developing the teacher disposition with a growth mindset and grit is an important part of the preservice program for diverse learners. This article provides an example of GRIT. The Using American Sign Language to Improve Sight Words article discusses the English Language Learner population growing with little research supporting evidence based practices. ASL is an effective curriculum with little research. Results indicate ASL to help with sight word mastery discussed. The High Leverage Practices and the Twice Exceptional student article discusses the group of disabled students often overlooked, misunderstood, or misdiagnosed. Teacher education programs should implement high leverage practices to support this population as well. This article discusses the four key components of the High Leverage Practices. The How To Prepare Community Partnerships article discusses increasing school partnerships with communities with work-based learning experiences, teacher preparation programs need to prepare candidates how to facilitate these partnerships. This article investigates how to prepare candidates to work with these new school formats. Thank you to all who participated Jamie Mahoney, Ed.D.

Research Articles


Developing Growth Mindset and GRIT in Preservice Teachers
Susan Keesey, Amanda Schaefer, Madison Loy, and Charley Jo Allen