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Blast From The Past: Murder Mystery Luncheon

Shelby Moore

Cyberbullying and Teenage Mental Health

Emma Renfro

Homeless Coalition Benefit Concert

Triston Swift
Aaron Denflip
Meg Garner
Kaitlyn Flatt
MJ Fuller
Jamie Kelly

Perceptions of Academic Procrastination, Laziness, and Overcommitment in Undergraduate Students

Abby Tillotson

Sound the Alarm

Sierra Bogert
Elijah Downing
Carson Guthrie
Rainy Hill
Tylen Howard
Cassie Kitchens
Grayson Long

Student Perceptions of Academic Effort in Applied Science Courses

Ragan Harris

The storytelling project

savanah rose
Kaylynn Perkins, Murray State University
Ta’dri Mcafee, Murray State University
Mark Thompson, Murray State University
Casey Wilson-ward, Murray State University
Lee Gamble, Murray State University
Drew South, Murray State University