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Addressing Body Insecurity in Adolescent Females

Haylee Cox

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Teachers

Samantha Tierney

Comparison of Water-Soluble CBD and CBD Oil as an Anti-Inflammatory in Canines with Osteoarthritis

Sadie Sims

Defining Heroinism: Heartthrobs Refining Heroines

Grace Gibson, Murray State University

Disproving the Easterlin Paradox: an updated regression approach

Ben Hoeke

Don’t Shut Us Down! Audience Responses to Disabling Comments in Online Content

Dustin R. Wilcox, Murray State University

Fallen Kingdom: A Novella

Sarah Black

Female Entrepreneurship in Developing Countries: A Cultural Perspective

Brianne Hunter

How franchised eSports brands can direct communications to different consumers

Gavin Nolin

Microbial Remediation of Fragipan

Corey Hale

Music Industry Positions and Best Practices

Genevieve White

On Solutions of First Order PDE with Two-Dimensional Dirac Delta Forcing Terms

Ian Robinson

Pharmacokinetics of CBD Supplementation in Horses: Single Dose vs. Long-Term Feeding

Madilyn Adamchik

Pick Your Plate : A Nutrition Education Study

Emmalyn Tucker

The Impact of a Single Educational Session of Ergometer Rowing Stroke Technique on Rowing Performance and Knowledge in Non-Experienced Collegiate Rowers

Sydney Kessler

Titer Concentration Testing for Leptospirosis in Equine

Ashley Himmelsbaugh

Using Music as a Messaging Strategy for Conservation Education

Frances Hincks

World War II and the Women of Disney’s Animation Studios

Samantha Poat

“You Can Be Anything You Want": An Analysis of Gender Roles in Early Childhood Literature

Emily Marshall