SNHP | Senior Nursing Poster Session (Virtual)

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Benefits of a Walking Epidural and Mobility During Labor

Emmalyn Tucker
Aimee Jarrett

Benefits of Bedside Report

Konner Spalding
Hannah Mattingly, Murray State University

Best Practice for NG Tubes

Lillian Underwood
Riley Maiden, Murray State University

Effects and treatments of depression affecting patient outcomes

Parker Gerard

Effects of Clinical Competency in Nursing Students following the Implementation of Student-Led Learning

Cori E. Hack
Jacob N. Hicks

Implementation of Skin Preparation and Daily Electrode Changes to Combat Alarm Fatigue

Madison Thompson
Jordyn Fulner, Murray State University

Nurse Adherence to Infection-Control Precautions

Samantha Tierney
Tia Crouse

Pre-Discharge Safe Sleep Education for Parents of Newborns

Madison Clark
Lilly Strader

Preventing Pressure Injuries in Critical Care Settings

Chassidy Eddlemon, Murray State University
Cassady Coomes, Murray State University

Reducing Blood Specimen Hemolysis within the Emergency Department

Lauren Cartwright, Murray State University
Heidi Gray, Murray State University

Reducing Burnout among Pediatric Oncology Nurses

Karlie DeVore, Murray State University
Madison Jarvis, Murray State University

Risks Vs. Benefits of Animal-Assisted Interventions for ICU Induced Psychosis

Cecily Christie
Hadley Mayes

Safer Staffing Ratios for High-Quality Patient Care

Elizabeth Boyles
Jacob Mills, Murray State University

Skin to Skin Contact After Birth

Grace Preston
Kylee Knight

The Addition of Nature to the Patient's Healing Regimen

Katelyn Lewis
Audrey Henry

The Benefits of CPR Training as a Discharge Requirement

Alexis Epplin
Brooklyn Brown

The Benefits of Telehealth for Rural Communities

Cade Alberson, Murray State University
Taylor Alberson, Murray State University

The Benefits of Therapeutic Hypothermia Post-Cardiac Arrest

Jarrod Mathis, Murray State University
Anthony Burrows, Murray State University