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Ian Albertson
Mikayla Burgess, Murray State University

Absorption of Liquid Potassium Versus Dry Potassium in Corn (Zea Mays) and Soybeans (Glycine Max)

Jenna Grab
Garrett Williamson

Adjuvant Selection and Efficacy for Soybeans (Glycine max) Utilizing the 2,4-D Choline Technology in Western Kentucky Final

Christopher Powell

Comparing Agricultural Soil Properties in Northern and Southern Kentucky

Nathan James Morris, Murray State University
Austin Thomas Pike, Murray State University

Comparing Soil Characteristics Between Double-Crop and Single-Crop Soybean Fields in Ballard County, KY and Webster County, KY

Tinslee Williams
Emily Marsh

Comparing Soil Quality Indicators in Tillage vs. No-Till Systems in Western Kentucky

Kyle Rahlfs, Murray State University
Audrey Hirsch, Murray State University

Effect of calcium supplementation on egg quality in laying hens

Avery Duff

Effect of Cooking Time on Color, Texture, and Cooking Yield of Sous Vide Chicken Breast Meat

Hannah Hatton, Murray State University

Effect of Fungicide Application on Corn (Zea mays) stomata and yield in Western Kentucky

Jessie Lewis

Fungicide Effects on Soil Characteristics in Corn

Mallory Wilson, Murray State University
Eliza Simons, Murray State University

Soil Characteristics Under Legume Production Systems in Southern Illinois

Caleb Unverfehrt, Murray State University
Braedon Norton, Murray State University

Soil Properties under Double Crop Soybean Production in Western Kentucky, Pullen farm

Austin Dunn

Stratification of Potassium in Tillage vs. No-Till Systems and Uptake in Corn (Zea Mays) in Western Kentucky

Ava Isaacs
Kyle Krieger, Murray State University
Christopher Powell, Murray State University

The Influence Of Livestock Fields On Soil Quality Indicators

Carmen Sandoval
Cade C. Johnson, Murray State University