Senior Nursing Poster Session (Virtual)

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Analgesia Prior to Catheter Insertion

Travis Sparkman
Karly Hankins

Bedside Reporting with Patient Care

Alexandra Eader
Macy Urhahn

Benefits of Delayed Cord Clamping

Madison Martin, Murray State University
Chloe Robertson, Murray State University

Evidence-Based Practice: Delaying Infant Bathing

Gabrielle Wadle
Grace Frankland

Fall Prevention Deserves Your Attention

Vanessa Watson
Ceclie Stone, Murray State University

Improving the Care of Children with Diabetes in School Through Staff Education

Taylor McKendree
Gina Piscatelle

Mask Etiquette for Nurses During a Pandemic: N95 Respirators Vs. Surgical Masks

Haylee Shevlin
Carlin Jones

Naloxone in Schools

Aleece M. Passman, Murray State University
Emily Weber, Murray State University

Nurse-to-Patient Ratios on Patient Safety and Outcomes within Inpatient Settings

Nicholas Odom, Murray State University
Jackson Allen Buechlein, Murray State University

Nursing Preceptor Workshops: An Implementation of Additional Education

Cara Daniels

Preventing Insulin Storage and Administration Errors

Makena Reddick

Prevention of Pressure Ulcers

Lauren Venegoni, Murray State University
Jordan Daugherty, Murray State University

Self-Affirmation and Positivity Among Healthcare Patients

Sydney Edge

The Implementation of Sepsis Screening Tools

Kaitlyn Foster, Murray State University
Abigail Vaughn, Murray State University

Therapeutic Communication in Nursing Care

Evidence Obara

Tracheostomy Education For Pediatric Patients and Parents

Jonathon Batts
Kendall Baker, Murray State University

Wound Care Nurses Becoming Quitline Providers and Teaching Patients About Smoking Cessation and Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Hannah Gilbert
Lakyn Rye