Sigma Xi Poster Competition

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A Review of Trail Camera Monitoring Techniques for Mammals

Evan Barr

Above Ground Biomass Changes as Inferred from Different Satellite Products

Amber Harland-Bennett

Adaptive Plasticity of Coloration in Response to Environmental Change

Karissa Coffield

Analyzing the Relationship between Precipitation Change and Vineyard Vegetation in the State of California

Rachel Stuckey

Assessing Relationships between Parasitism, Disease, and Health Biomarkers in Snakes

Emma Fehlker Campbell, Murray State University
John B. Hewlwtt, Murray State University
Andrea K. Darracq, Murray State University

Contribution of Agricultural Fields on Soil C Sequestration and Compaction Levels

Dakota Tate

Evaluating Gizzard Shad Dorosoma cepedianum Populations in two Kentucky Reservoirs Recently Invaded with Silver Carp Hypopthalmichthys molitrix

Nathan Klein

Examining the effects of forest management strategies on raptor reproductive and breeding success in the western U.S

Philip Kavouriaris

Factors contributing to the number of visitors to the most popular National Parks, based on 2021 data.

Sydney Abbott

Insect Emergence Patterns on Restored Wetlands Across Western Kentucky

Nathan Waltmon
Karen A. Baumann
Kelly A. Fritz
Michael B. Flinn

Ionic Liquid-Functionalized Cellulose Derivatives: Synthesis, Characterization, and Properties

Gracie Eicher, Murray State University
Elizabeth McGrew, Murray State University

Monitoring green algae in Green Bay, Lake Michigan using multi temporal satellite imagery

Seongkyeong Cho

Population-Level Variation in the Landscape of Fear

Jordan Tandy

Predicted Climate Change’s Effect on Potential Mosquito Distribution

Cheyenne Kempf, Murray State University

Reactive Chlorine Species Reversibly Inhibit DnaB Protein Splicing in Mycobacteria

james goetz

Spawning Conditions affect clutch probability and size in laboratory-housed zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Elizabeth Sipes

Structures and Properties of Palladium Doped Silicon Clusters

Ciara N. Richardson, Murray State University
Madison Winkeler, Murray State University

Temporal Changes and Possible Sources of Dissolved Calcium Levels in Stream, River, and Lake Waters in Western Kentucky

Kelsie Meystedt

Training an Autonomous Vehicle

Hunter Houck, Murray State University
Jacob Revell, Murray State University
Dylanie Tippit, Murray State University
Dominic Welch, Murray State University

Turbidity Mapping of the Ohio River using In Situ and Satellite Imagery

Logan McGowan

Understanding Settlement Shifts and Collapse in the Context of Matacanela, Veracruz, Mexico

Matthew Meyer
Matthew T. Meyer, Murray State University

Use of Restored Wetlands by Herpetofauna in Western Kentucky

John Connock

Use of Spray Drones in Agricultural Research Applications

Blake Kennedy

Visualizing The Relationships Between Highways and Nearby Neighborhoods in Major Midwest Cities in the United States (2000 and 2010)

Cole Fletcher

Wastewater-based Estimation of Substances Discharged at the Rest Areas along the State Highways in Kentucky

Katie Gray