to Scholars Week from 2016

Sex Sells: Exploring the Portrayal of Women in Media, Breana Anderson, Emily Whitehouse, Katie Exum, and Kaylee Roskowski

JMC 615 American Media History, Joanna Anderson, Divine Reddy Borra, Jen Brown, Benjamin Fincher, and Kiaya Young


The Effects of Review Prohibition Periods on Video Game Consumer Purchasing Decisions, Richard J. Applin

BIC Pens For Her, George E. Collins Jr., Elizabeth Wilson, Man Luo, and Amanda Surmeier


The Effects of Charities on Rural Economic Development, Joshua Drouin

How media affects your perception on candidates for president, Louis Dunn, Brandon Gutzler, Kiersten Canterbury, and Julia Heio

Influences of Media Concerning the Public, Savanna Hatfield, Ashley C. Traylor, Nolan K. Nichols, and Krysta B. Instead

Nationwide Controversy, Kassidy N. Knight, Abigail Smith, Kwan Stallworth, and Ken Tharpe

How the Media Sexualizes Women in the News, Abbey Malone and Alex Olin

Tinder and the Stereotypes of Online Dating, Autumn Moffitt, Emily Giegling, Katelyn Hinchey, and Jacqueline Richardson

Mass Media and Obesity, AnnMarie F. Oldani, Sydney Donovan, Dacia Brown, Sean Read, and Loren Gainey


Does Gentrification help or harm a community?, Hannah Sparkman


Inorganic Growth in the Organic Food Industry: Examining Barriers to Entry and Economic Rents, Jaime Elizabeth Staengel

Analyzing Racial Implications on Mass Media, Patrick Wadlington, Jaclyn Whoberry, Derek Unterreiner, and Sarah Combs

Collegiate Media Literacy on the Muslim Community, Tori Wood, Abeer Anwaar, Victoria Lanaghan, and Rochele Rosa