Volume 11, Number 1 (2019)

Feature Articles


Food Pantries and Stigma: Users’ Concerns and Public Support
Peter A. Kindle, McKayla Foust-Newton, Marissa Reis, and Margaret Gell


Women Ascending to Leadership Positions in Rural Nonprofit Organizations
Jose Carbajal, Kristin Bailey-Wallace, Bonita B. Sharma, Tiffany Bice-Wigington, Wilma Cordova, Shanta Scott, and Aparecida de Fatima Cordeiro Dutra


Recollections and Voices: An Appalachian Community Revisited
Kristina M. Hash, Christine E. Rittenour, Catherine Gouge, Tamba M'bayo, Lori Hostuttler, and Tyler Redding

International Rural Social Work

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