Journal of Agricultural Hemp Research

Author Disclosures

This work was supported by an external grant that paid expenses including salaries.


In this experiment, hemp hearts of differing percentages were fed to broiler chicks for 49 days. The experiment, which was initiated to identify the potential of hemp hearts as a feed source, consisted of four experimental groups and one control group. Each experimental group received a diet containing: 10%, 20%, 30% and 40% hemp hearts; the control group did not contain hemp hearts, but contained soybean meal. As a result, broilers fed a diet containing 20% hemp hearts gained the most weight, t(16) = 2.12, p < 0.05 and feed conversion was also the lowest t(18) = 2.10, p < 0.01. These results indicate the feed efficiency of broilers using 20% hemp hearts was the lowest numerically, but the most efficient qualitatively. The diets consisting of higher percentages of hemp hearts demonstrate a need for additional supplementation.



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