Murray State University

Volume 10, Issue 1 (2023) Kentucky Teacher Education Journal

Emotional Intelligence and Teacher Shortages

Welcome to the Kentucky Teacher Education Journal. This edition has two exciting articles. One discusses Emotional Intelligence and how EI affects academic performance, decreasing behaviors, and decreasing bullying. In effect, EI positively affects all facets of life! The other article examines teacher shortages. Not only teacher shortages but the replacement of these teachers with underqualified teachers. States have developed alternate routes to alleviate this problem, with multiple opportunities to provide programs for those interested in teaching to get certified. Dive into this issue to learn more! Jamie

Research Articles



Jamie Mahoney, Ed.D., Murray State University, Murray KY

Associate Editor

Kera Ackerman, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

KYTED Officers


Kera Ackerman, Ph.D., Associate Professor
University of Kentucky
Special Education

Past President

Todd Whitney., Assistant Professor,
University of Louisville
Special Education

Past Past President & Past Secretary

Jamie Mahoney, Ed.D., Associate Professor
Murray State University
Special Education

Vice President/ President Elect

Allie Rhodes, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Asbury University
Special Education


Kayla Steltenkamp, Ed.D., Assistant Professor
Thomas More University


Steve Crites, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Northern Kentucky University
Teacher Education & School Leadership

KTEJ Reviewers

Todd Whitney, University of Louisville

Jamie Mahoney, Murray State University

Debbie Schumacher, Campbellsville University

Kera B. Ackerman, University of Kentucky

Mary Thomas, University of Louisville

Peter A. Azmani, University of Louisville

Susan Keesey, Western Kentucky University

Janet Applin, Western Kentucky University

Sherry Stultz, Morehead State University

Kayla Steltenkamp, Thomas More University