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High Leverage Practices and Strategies for Dyslexia

Surviving the Pandemic with HLPs and Strategies

Hello Kentucky Teacher Education Journal Readers

What a privilege to be able to offer these three outstanding articles related to the Council of Exceptional Children's High Leverage Practices and strategies to assist your teaching practices for the student with dyslexia. These Kentucky educators and professors have spent countless hours working with students, pre-service teachers, and educators across this Kentucky Commonwealth to bring their research to fruition to help others.

In our first article, we will review the importance of how Functional Behavior Assessments need to be conducted within a classroom setting and the outlining the critical components should be designed for practitioners within the field in order for everyone to apply the components of the FBA appropriately. This is an important high leverage practice for all teachers working with social and emotionally behavior disabled students. You don't want to skip over reading this one.

Our second article discusses the importance of preparing our student teachers (pre-service teachers) with the knowledge of all the high leverage practices. The study completed required the students to be able to be comfortable with implementing the HLPs and presenting their knowledge about the HLPs using technology. Using practicum experiences to delve into how the HLPs are used in the real world setting is important for our future teachers. Another can't miss option for your reading pleasure.

Finally, for those looking for strategies to address our students with dyslexia you don't want to miss this article. Using structured literacy and high leverage practices will assist you in supporting those students with dyslexia and other related reading struggles. You will learn how to use the Kentucky Dyslexia Toolkit to provide reading strategies to those struggling readers. Be prepared to take notes. It is a can't miss option.

Have fun and thank you for stopping by the KTEJ.

If you have any ideas and strategies you would like to share, please don't hesitate to submit your articles.

Jamie Mahoney, Ed.D.

Research Articles


Group-Based Training on Trial-Based Functional Analysis
Christina Noel, Thomas Gross, Grant Hacherl, Meaghan Ritchie, and Matthew Howerton