Murray State University


The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (2004) mandates that all students receiving special education services should be considered for assistive technology; therefore, it is imperative that teacher preparation programs prepare preservice teachers to select, implement, and evaluate assistive technology for their future students. This mixed-methods study explored the influence an in-class workshop had on preservice teachers’ feelings of preparedness to use assistive technology in their future classrooms. The participants were all enrolled in a 400-level special education methods course, and their perceptions were assessed by administering a pre- and post- survey. The workshop consisted of an independent online training module, instructor lecture, and peer presentations on high and low technology options. The results of the study found that participating in a workshop that focused on AT did positively and significantly influence preservice teachers’ knowledge and perceptions of AT usage. Suggestions for future implementation of a workshop model and future research are discussed.