Murray State University

Volume 9, Issue 1 (2022) Retain, Engage, Train: Teacher Education Post-Pandemic

As we approach a new phase in teacher education post-Covid, faculty are seeking new ways to retain, engage, and train teacher candidates. The articles in this issue provide helpful insight through practitioner-focused pieces that can be used immediately in college classrooms and P-12 schools. To retain our teacher work force, we need to understand their needs. Two articles in this issue address this: “An Administrative Approach for Special Educator Retention” tackles special educator attrition with easy to implement resources for school-based administrators that can be used in professional developments and administrator training. “Teacher Perspectives of Professional Development Needs on Trauma-informed Practices” provides faculty with insight regarding in-service teacher perceptions regarding their professional development needs. In college classrooms, faculty seek innovative ways to engage and train their teacher candidates. “Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions and Knowledge of Response to Intervention/Multi-tiered Systems of Support” describes components of an experiential learning project to enhance pre-service teachers’ knowledge of MTTS. Two articles, “Seven Hands-On Strategies for Struggling Readers” and “De Bono’s Six Hats Thinking Strategy for All Content Areas” review strategies that can be immediately put into practice-based opportunities in clinical field placements. We hope you find the articles in this issue helpful as you work to retain, engage, and train teacher education candidates.

Research Articles


An Administrative Approach for Special Educator Retention
Amanda Hall, Jennifer Fosbinder, Mary Elliott, and Ginevra Courtade


De Bono's Six Hats Thinking Strategy for All Content Areas
Jamie Mahoney, Lynn Patterson, and Carol Hall


7 Hands-on Strategies for Struggling Readers
Elise Murray and Stacey Murray


Guest Editor
Kera Ackerman, Ph.D., University of Kentucky