Honors College Senior Thesis Presentations

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Skylar Baker

A Foray into Love: Feminism in the Romance Novel

Kiersten Holland

Client Education of the Canine Distemper-Parvo Vaccine

Madison Schuette

Curriculum Response to an Evolving Society: An Analysis of Family and Consumer Sciences Education at Murray State University from 1928 to 2023

Lauren Ervin

Dark Times in Dark Academia: Exploring the Queering of Identity in the Genre Obstructed by Tragedy

Hayden Eubanks

Diurnal Patterns of Methane Emissions in Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum)

Rose Carey, Murray State University

Effects of Interplanting Zinnia elegans var. Benary’s Giant on Flower Number and Fruit Production of cucurbita pepo var. Fordhook

Savannah French

Every Student Deserves a Struggle: Planning for the Implementation and Differentiation of High Cognitive Tasks

Kaitlyn Jones

I want to create.

Sam Mitchell

Improving the learning of coding using interactive software

Lukas Grant

Jumping Frogs on Cyclic Graphs

Jake Mitchell

Marching Through Time: An Analysis of the Military Band's influence on Performing Arts in America

Elise Eaton

Per Capita GDP’s Potential Effect on the Percent of Kids in Foster Care at the State and County Level

Jenna McClain

Politics, Policies, and Procedures: The Iron Triangle to Implementing Education Reform

Clint Reardon Jr

Predictive Machine Learning and Its Impact on Sports

Zachary Harmon

Programmatically Evaluating Student Produced Code

Justin Holder

The Book Was Better: Children’s Literature and the French Colonialism Narrative

Entropy Cramer, Murray State University

The History of Evil Women in English Literature

Sylvie Croteau

The Overlap of Trumpet and Vocal Pedagogy: Body Alignment and Breath

Ryn Jenkins, Murray State University

The Relationship of Insufficient Resources to Leadership Burnout in Nonprofit Organizations

Keilee Webb

When Cooking Sous Vide, Do Different Bags Change the Color Reading of the Spectrophotometer?

Kathryn Beard