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A preliminary set of text-driven scripts for emotional imagery elicitation

Jade Tope
Tristen Brown, Murray State University
Nicholas Best, Murray State University
Xavier Brown, Murray State University
Casey Brugh, Murray State University
Allen Haase, Murray State University
David R. Herring, Murray State University

An Urban Change Comparison of Shepherdsville and Mount Washington, Kentucky from 1998 to 2018 Using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems

Alex Cline

Analysis of a Well-known Archaeological Site, Cahokia Mounds, Illinois, Using Remotely Sensed Imagery

Sarah Bowman

Analysis of the Cerro El Vigía Archaeological Area Using LiDAR Data

Matthew Meyer

Aquatic Habitat use of Alpine Tiger Salamanders

Alex Woolen

Characteristics of Soils under Common Management Practices on Farms in Western Kentucky

River Dowell

Chlorophyll a and Primary Production Dynamics in Kentucky Lake: 2009-2018

Morgan Franklin

Comparisons of Relative Frequencies between Ancient Mississippian Crops to Modern-Day North American Agriculture

Kevin Wann, Murray State University

Delineation of Ohio River Flood Zones in Ballard County using Remote Sensing

Nathan Rister

Detecting temporal variability in five water quality parameters of Kentucky Lake using time series analysis

Kathleen Condon

Determining The Relationship Between Land Cover and Escherichia coli Presence in East Fork of Clarks River, Using GIS.

Britany Morrow

Documenting the Presence of Snake Fungal Disease in Western Kentucky

Gage Barnes, Murray State University
John B. Hewlett, Murray State University

Effect of Fertilizer on Snow Pea Plant Height

Alexis B. Burnett, Murray State University

Effect of humidity on the ionic conductivity of imidazolium polymer networks

Samantha Radomski, Calloway County High School

Estimating Evapotranspiration of Western Kentucky using SEBAL

Steven Collett

Evaluating Opinions of Kentucky’s Agri-Science Educators on Climate Change

Emily Cook

Evaluating Soil Surface Properties in Two Contrasting Tillage Systems

Riley Mabe
Kaeden Mollett
Marcus Robertson

Examining the relationship between soil characteristics and vegetation phenology: does soil moisture as a factor improve the end of season model?

Monika Staszczak

High-resolution soil characterization of Topper Site soil shows evidence of paleoenvironment and overprinting

Marie White

Hour-level Resolution on Consumption Pattern of Substance Abuse

Jarrett Mauk
Rhiannon Huffines, Murray State University
Brittney Nelson
Tara Croft, Murray State University
Bikram Subedi, Murray State University

Identification of Poverty Areas Through Satellite Imagery in Buraydah City in Al Qassim Region of Saudi Arabia

Amal A. Alfawzan, Murray State University

Kinetic study of 1, 3-dimethylbenzimidazolium iodide synthesis using environmentally sustainable methods

Alexandra Nicole Underwood Ms., Murray State University
Joesph Ryan Williams Mr., Murray State University

Land suitability analysis for urban development in Nashville, TN.

Monika Staszczak

LiDAR as a Means of Predicatively Modeling Archaeological Mound Sites

Zach J. Elliott

Mapping of Land Cover Change Caused by the infamous Mount St. Helen Eruption using Remote Sensing.

Nolan Whitt

Mapping of Urban Sprawl in Warrick County IN using Remote Sensing and GIS

Keenan Lautner

Mapping of Urbanization of Paducah from 1980s to the Present Using Imagery

Cole Fletcher

Overly Casual Emails in the Workplace

Emeline Hecht
Geoffrey Luurs, Murray State University

Parasite load as an indicator for zoonotic disease prevalence in feral cats versus shelter cats.

Nicole A. Creeden, Murray State University

Quantifying Hyporheic Flow in Beaver Ponds of Varying Size and Elevation within a High Desert Ecosystem

Colton Sanders

Remote Sensing in Precison Agriculture

Jonathan Bonner

Soil Responses to One-Season Winter Cover Crops: Revegetation as a soil modifier for pastoral use

McKenna Morgan

Soil Responses to Tillage Practices and Cover Crops

Carrie Followell

Soil Responses to Various Farming Systems in Western Kentucky

Samantha Peterson

Still Puzzling: An Alternative Approach to Learning Math Formulas

Aaron Beuoy

Sustainability of Organic Soil Amendments on Soil Fertility and Earthworms

Mackenzie Hoffman

The Effects of Urban and Rural Management on Soil Quality

Gabby Barnes

The Green Ingredient of Lake Erie: Harmful Algal Blooms

Javus Yandal

Thermally-Activated Phase Transitions in Seven Spiro-Based Crystals

Olivia Adkins

Uncertainties Treatment for Wastewater-Based Epidemiological Estimation of the Consumption of Illicit and Prescribed Neuropsychiatric Drugs in Two Urban Communities in Kentucky Using Ammonium Normalized Population and Monte Carlo Simulation

Rhinannon Huffines
Tara Croft
Manoj Pathak, Murray State University
Bikram Subedi, Murray State University

Use of BrandenBark by Bats in Western Kentucky: Occupancy and Habitat Characteristics

Russell Milam

Using Landsat and MODIS Sensor Data for Mapping Harmful Algal Blooms

Zach J. Elliott

Using remote sensing and GIS to quantify beaver dam habitat

Melody Feden