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Benefits of Intensive Outpatient Therapy and Methods of Facilitation

Abigail Blakey

Benefits of the Use of Probiotics in Preventing Secondary Infections

Sarah Cutcher

Care of the Patient with Malignant Hyperthermia in the Surgical Setting

Breanna Rushing
Claudia Sweeney
Emma Warwick

Daily CHG Baths for Infection Prevention

Mackenzie Freeman
Abigail Heath, Murray State University
Catherine Beck, Murray State University

Debriefing After a High Stakes Situation ​

Austin Hildebrant, Murray State University
Noah Merriss, Murray State University
Brennon Hamm, Murray State University

Eat, Sleep, Console

CLAIRE HAUKE, Murray State University
Grace Hauke, Murray State University

Emphasizing the Importance of Clustering Care for Newborns in the NICU Setting

Callie Hines SN, Murray State University
Alyssa Howell SN, Murray State University
Elizabeth Crews SN, Murray State University

Fire Safety in the OR

Raghda Abo Al Haija
Leah Cullop
Keeli McKeel

Implementing Intermittent Fetal Monitoring in Low-Risk Laboring Moms

Kaitlynn Keel
Jessica Manion

Importance of patient teaching to reduce hospital readmissions

Serenity Metcalfe
Melanie Shiffer
Emma Kirkman

Nurse-Directed Violence Prevention Strategies

Alaya Murphy, Murray State University
Jennifer Velazquez, Murray State University

Protocols Regarding Alarm Fatigue

Sophie Jagoe

The Benefits of Implementing Music Therapy for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients in a Hospital Setting

Michaela Black

The Impact of Spirituality on Patient Outcomes and How Nurses can Implement Spirituality in Patient Care

Audrey Pittman

Using The Palm of The Hand as an Alternative Site for Blood Glucose Testing

Skyler McKinney