ORCA General Poster Session (Virtual)

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A terrestrial reconstruction of Gona, Ethiopia before and during the African Humid Period

Marie N. White, Murray State University
Gary E. Stinchcomb, Murray State University

Advertising to the Masses

Kahlysia Murrell

Alternative Forms of Prenatal Care for Women of Low Socioeconomic Status

Emma Escue

Aromatherapy for Pain Reduction in Laboring Women

Elizabeth Arend

Assessing Ceramic Evidence for Oristán, Jamaica’s Second Spanish Colonial Settlement

Sarah Bowman
Cole Fletcher, Murray State University
Matthew T. Meyer, Murray State University
Lacy Risner, Murray State University
Kevin Wann, Murray State University

Autonomous Orbital Space Debris Removal Robot

Muhammad Abdelraziq, Murray State University
Aleck W. Leedy, Murray State University

Benefits of Ambulation Post CABG

Olivia Chapman

Cannibidiol (CBD) supplementation in horses: A pilot study

Kiara Jones, Murray State University
Evan Thomas, Murray State University
Shea Porr, Murray State University

Chlorhexidine: The Fight to End Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia

Jeremy Gaspari

Choosing a Vaginal Birth After a Cesarean Rather Than a Repeat Elective Cesarean Delivery

Sydney Carter

Cyberbullying and Teenage Mental Health

Emma Renfro
Melony Shemberger, Murray State University

Decreased Initiation Time of Therapeutic Hypothermia

Amber Dublo

Delayed Cord Clamping in Newborns

Skylar Vallette

Delayed Newborn Bathing

Trisha Freudenberg

Determination of Cannabinoids, Cathinones, and Synthetic Fentanyls Using Wastewater-Based Epidemiology

Catherine O'Rourke, Murray State University
Bikram Subedi, Murray State University

Distraction with Routine Childhood Immunization

Sydney Hale

Effects of Physical Activity on Breast Cancer Survivorship

Hunter Whiteside

Ergonomic Risk Factors of Agricultural Jobs in Western Kentucky

Tyler Howell GSP, Murray State University

Estimating Soil Carbon Pools from Three Slope Positions under Hemp Production in Western Kentucky

Kaitlin Hatchett

Gender and Representation: Economic Performance and the Emergence of Women in State Politics

Chris Jackson, Murray State University

Gender in MasterChef

kailey bowers

Germination and early seedling growth of vegetables under various salinity stresses

Waqas Ahmad, Murray State University, Murray, KY, USA
Muhammad Haider Ali, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan
Iin P. Handayani Dr., Murray State University, Murray, KY, USA
Brian Parr Dr., Murray State University, Murray, KY, USA

Hemp as a Livestock Feedstuff: A Review of Current Literature

Sarah Mead, Murray State University
Alyx Shultz, Murray State University

Highlighting Recipes for Recognition and Social Reform in Soul Food Cookbooks.

Jake Hicks

Home Security Systems: IoT and IDS's

Jesse Chowning, Murray State University
Damon Key, Murray State University
Carlos Lopez, Murray State University

Implementation and Validation of SIF in a Land Surface Model

Dante Rivera

Inappropriate Use of Emergency Departments

Noah Cunningham

Inclusive Ensembles: Differentiating for the Singer on the Autism Spectrum

Natalie Wilkins, Murray State University

Increase in bat use of Brandenbark TM poles over time in western Kentucky

Emma Fehlker Campbell, Murray State University
Sam J. Holst, Murray State University

Integrating Autism-Specific Care Plans for Pediatrics: Increasing Satisfaction

Madison S. Vandiver

Intimate Partner Violence: Improving Screening in Pregnant Women

Taylor Crouch

Lifting Teams in the Acute Care Settings

Mary MaKalyn Smith

Manipulating Patient Outcomes through Environmental Control: The Prohibition of Nail Decals

Cameron Riley

Masculinity in Music

Kali Forden

Memories of the Great War: An Analysis of Jackson Purchase Veterans’ Oral Histories of WWI

David Wallace, Murray State University
David Pizzo, Murray State University

Mental Health on Campus: What Barriers are there to Seeking Help?

Lindsay Thomas, Murray State University
Michael Bordieri, Murray State University

Multisensory Activities for Patients with Alzheimer's.

Gloria Moralez

Music Therapy as a Preoperative Anxiety Reducing Technique

Peyton Raley

Nurse Bedside Shift Reporting

Jelma Egbert

Observing Communication with International Students

Nicole Glenn

Omega 3 Supplements and Postpartum Depression

Erica Holt

Optimal TR-Band Weaning Strategy

Kimberly Loewen

Patient Satisfaction Rates When Implementing a Fast Track System into an Emergency Room

Jeremy Saturley

Pharmacokinetics of a single feeding of pelleted cannabidiol in horses

Anna Draeger, Murray State University
Amanda J. Davis, Murray State University
Shea Porr, Murray State University

Pre-Management Bat Species Diversity at Clarks River National Wildlife Refuge.

Samuel Holst, Murray State University
Emma Fehlker Campbell, Murray State University

Preventing Complications & Improving Patient Satisfaction with the Use of a Vascular Access Team (VAT)

Mesa Trimm

Proper Indwelling and External Catheter use to Reduce CAUTI's

Taylor Stephens

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Initial Education

Allison Vititoe

Relationship between Topography Positions and Soil Properties in Agricultural Landscapes of Kentucky and Tennessee

Kaitlin Hatchett

Rooming-In: Benefits of Baby-Friendly Hospitals

Blaire Leslie

Sitcom Tv Food Messages: Who Makes and What are We Eating?

Elizabeth Gagnon

Soil Moisture in the State of Kentucky

Rachel Stuckey

Soil Responses to Tillage Practices and Cover Crops

Carrie Followell
Iin Handayani
David Ferguson

Specialized Emergency Care for Expecting Clients

Sydney Snyder

Supplemental Oxygen Use in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit

Hunter Moore

Synthesis and Characterization of Ionic Liquid-Functionalized Cellulose

Vanessa Smith

Tasteful Cookie Lingo

sheldon baringer

The Effectiveness of Disinfection Caps on Needleless Connectors

Emma Benson

The Evolution of McDonald’s: As Seen on TV.

Jay Gibson

The Impact of Substrate on Chlorophyll Concentration and Plant Health of Cannabis Sativa using Organic and Sustaibably Produced Planting Media

Mary Grace Jackson
Alyx Shultz, Murray State University

The Urban Soils of Butler County, Kentucky: Evaluating Degradation Severity over Time

River Dowell

Timing is Everything; When to Remove an Indwelling Catheter from the Cesarean Patient

Brittany Hargrove

Topical Oxygen Therapy for Wound Healing

Josephine Hubele

Using Non-Pharmacological Interventions to Promote Sleep in the Intensive Care Unit

Regan Kull

Utilization of Music Therapy in the ICU Setting

Danielle York

Weight Loss and Healthiness: How Advertisements Target this Phenomenon

Madelyn Coleman

Yummy Advertising? A Look at the Sexualization of Food Advertisements

Mackenzie Cook