Honors College Senior Thesis Presentations

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Autonomous Boat Electrical Systems Design and Analysis

Nicolas Nelson

Blue Zones

grace beer

Characterizing the role of Glis3 in zebrafish development using whole-mount in situ hybridization (WISH).

Gabrielle Kennedy

Comparing Data and Algorithmic Modeling Approaches for Count Data

Andraya Hack

Corporate Taxation Structures

Tim Neukom

Data-Driven Machine Learning Methods for Remaining Useful Life Prediction

Austin Coursey, Murray State University

Downstream effects of Sonic hedgehog on glis3 and insulin expression

Delaney Shroat

Equine Kinesiology Tape Application to Equine Hock Joints: Impact on Lameness and Movement Evaluation

Kiara Jones

Examining the Absent Parent and Found Family Tropes in the Wayward Children series by Seanan McGuire

Danya Cruse

Fragile Foal Syndrome

Alena Martin

Gender in the Artist's Labor Market

Holly Hardt

Investigating Murray State Student Physical Activity Habits and Wellness Center Usage

Emma Creviston

Japanese Temple Geometries: Exploring Sangaku Beyond Euclid

Nathan Hartmann

Kentucky 4-H Programming Adaptability During COVID-19 Induced Social Distancing

Jonna Woodson

Media Impact on People's View of Dog Breeds

Claire Carrico

Multicultural Organizational Identity

Merrick Johnson

NBA Salary Predictions Based off Performance

Trevor Grant

Pharmacokinetics of Cannabinoids in Cattle

Haley Cornette

Public Transit Modes and Their Effects

Brennan Hughes

Quantum Dimension Polynomials: A Networked-Numbers Game Approach

Nicholas Gaubatz

Queer Reflections in Dystopian Literature

Elaina Gilley

Reactive Chlorine Species Reversibly Inhibit DnaB Protein Spicing in Mycobacteria

James Goetz

State Government Pandemic Response

Garrett Clark

The Circle of Coercion: An Analysis of How North Korea Utilizes Its Nuclear Program as an Economic Bargaining Chip

Lilli Hanik

The Contradiction of the Welfare Dictatorship: The Stasi’s Role in Preserving and Undermining East German Human Rights

Mallory Wooldridge

The History of Racer One and the Implications of Live Mascots on Fans and Handlers

Emily Helmick

The Relationship between People and the Tegu: A Review of the Literature

Jordan Haley

The Use of Nebulizer Medications as an Effective Treatment for COVID-19

Jacob Kaufman

What Impacts CPA Performance

Sunshine Coombs