Honors College Senior Thesis Presentations

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Hannah DuBois, Murray State University

A Review of Optic Nerve Atrophies and Potential Ways of Axon Regeneration in the Optic Nerve

Cole Wyatt

A Three Phase Motor Test Stand

Benjamin Hall

An Argument for the Use of CORT as a Indicator of Wetland Condition

Andrew W. Sisson, Murray State University

Antidiabetic Properties of Chalcones

Ashton Watt

Applications of Drama Therapy in Table-Top Role-Playing Games

Abigail Ankrom

Autonomous Robot Programming

Maxwell Brueggeman

“Barrier between Client Education/Communication and Exotic Animal Husbandry”

Caileigh Linton

Cabin1 Gene Expression in Zebrafish Cerebellum

Allison Tidwell

Characterization of Pancreatic Development in CRISPR/Cas9 Zebrafish Model

Caleb Harsin

Confessional Poetry about Becoming a Real Person

Caroline Winnenberg

Contribution of Taxodium distichum “knees” to greenhouse gas emissions in a bottomland hardwood wetland

Niklas Klauss
Jessica Moon Dr, Murray State University

Creating a Power System for a Robot

Nolan Hays

Design to Accomplish Responsive Feedback in Picking Up an Object with a Prosthetic Hand

Hayden Smee
John Campbell
Patrick Lepore

Diversity in Advertising

Taylor Moore

Dual Ionic Liquid-Functionalized Cellulosic Materials: Thermal, Mechanical and Conductive Properties

Elizabeth McGrew, Murray State University

Excerpts from I'm Growing Out My Eyelashes: Meditations on Trichotillomania and the Social Significance of Hair

Elizabeth Gerdes

Household Heroes: A Comparison of Domestic Workers Rights in the United States and Mexico

Kaitlyn Sutton

How Can You Not Be Romantic About Baseball (and Machine Learning)

Luke Gagnon

Living Newspaper: Then and Now

Andrew Bittenbender

Making the Political Personal: Consciousness Raising for the Contemporary TERF

Danica Fuerst

Muscle Dysmorphia Prevalence in Collegiate Males: A comparison between athletes and non-athletes

Emma Pals

Physiochemical Properties of Urethane-Containing Ionic Liquids and Ionenes from a Non-Isocyanate Synthetic Approach

George Timmermann

Primary Care in Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky

Matthew Crabtree

Public Perception of the Most Appropriate Diet for Dogs and Cats and of the Veterinarian's Role in Pet Nutrition

Mary Price

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of mutation in pam-1 of model organism, C. elegans

Jessica Stein

Research-based code creation analyzing complex: visual patterns found in nature and its applications for advancing educational scientific practices.

Brooklyn Burnett

Review of Current Applications of Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering

Natalie Howard

Sex and environmental effects on chemical signals of Gryllus rubens

Marion Creech

SQL Docs Tool

Seth Humphrey

Sun Safety Education in Calloway County Schools

Tess Henderson

The Femme Fatale in the Neo-Noir: A Screenwriting Journey

Abigail Moore

The Importance of Patient Education for Breast Cancer Survivors

Lauren Barker

The Japanese Red Army: Japanese Marxists in the Middle East

Payton Taylor

The Kingdom of God A Reality: Applied Proletarian Gospel

David Adams

The Opioid Epidemic: How Genetics Play a Role in Addiction and Treatment

Kirsten Houston

The Relationship Between Family Communication Patterns & Conflict Strategies in Relation to Eating Disorders

Ana Moyers

The Stock Market and Cryptocurrency, Can We Trust Them?

Natalie Snead

The Synthesis and Properties of Poly(ether imide)s

Rachel Price

Time Series Analysis of Logitudinally Collected Standard Perimetry Data in Glaucoma

Carlyn Childress

Updates to an Autonomous Boat

Jordan Kaufmann

Using Interpolation Methods to Approximate P-V Curves during Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Arrays

Michael Lloyd Webb

Vibrational Communication of Hebetica sylviae

Jenna Howard

What is the Speech-Language Pathologist’s Role in Providing Feeding and Swallowing Interventions in Preterm Infants in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit?

Melanie Spinnie