to Scholars Week from 2017

Reducing Inadvertent Perioperative Hypothermia through Education and Protocol, Ashley Dawn Arrington

Effectiveness of the Braden Scale and Alternative Measures, Allison Baetzel

Blood Pressure Cuffs: Friend or Enemy?, Andrew Bigham

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Management, Machaela Brassell

Overcoming limitations of respite care and its benefits, Destiny Brazell

Preventing Pressure Ulcers In Long-Term Care, Aa Brown

Reducing Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections Through Evidence-Based Practice, Hannah Brown


Sedation Selection: Minimizing the Occurrence of Patient Complications, Casey Ceri

Assessing the need for urinary catheters daily and reducing CAUTI rates nation-wide, Taran Coleman

Reducing Needle Sticks in Healthcare Employees, Payton Crider

Improving Breastfeeding Education, Alexandrea Darnell

Administering Intradermal Anesthetic Prior to Peripheral Venipunctures, Emily Dowdy

Beneficial Outcomes of Therapeutic Hypothermia, Katy Flanigan

Promoting Infant Self-Stabilization through Music Therapy, Elizabeth Hankins


Improving Tissue Integrity in Intensive Care Unit Patients, Stacie L. Hearell


Promotion of Independent CRNA Practice in Rural Areas, Kenneth Hinkle

Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection Prevention, Brianna Johnson

Intramuscular Injection: Should Aspiration Still be a Part of the Technique?, Lauren Johnson


Group Education in Hypertension, Abby Lara

Pressure Ulcer Prevention, Charles Lattus

Reducing Alarm Fatigue, Sarah C. Locke

Benefits of Delayed Cord Clamping, Vanessa Loredo

Recognizing Compassion Fatigue in Nurses, Kaley Mathis

Improving the Lives of People with Diabetes Through Motivational Interviewing, Emily McFerron

Donor Breast Milk Versus Formula for Feeding Preterm or Low Birth Weight Infants, Erin Regan McIntyre

Reduction in Central Line Associated Bloodstream Infections, John Myers


Clinical Simulation in Preparing SRNAs for Complex Surgery, Mary Nguyen

Purposeful Hourly Rounding, Mikayla Oster

Improving Patient and Nurse Satisfaction Through Standardized Bedside Nursing Report, Jalpaben B. Patel

Reducing Falls: A Multi-Factorial Approach, Jameson Reddin

Reducing Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia By Improving Bundle Compliance, Jessica Reedy

The Benefit of Open Visitation, Leah Rucinski

Preventing Falls on Medical Surgical Floors, Katherine Simmons

Pressure Ulcer Staging On Admission, Kerisha Simmons

Benefits of Using Opioid-Sparing Multimodal Analgesia, Rya Smelosky

Increasing Compliance of Proper Hand Hygiene among Health Care Professionals, Harlee Spencer

Post Operative Music Therapy for Open Heart Pain, Janssen Starks


Preventing Sepsis Mortality, Karli Tabers

to Scholars Week from 2016

Aspiration Upon IM Injection, Henry W. Abel

Communication Can Be the Difference, Ivy-Lynn Anderson

Preventing / Reducing CVC Infections, Desiree F. Baxter

Post-Operative Vital Signs, Kelsey N. Beach

Efficiency in Surgical Time-Outs, Stephanie R. Beecham

NG Tube Verification: A Safer Approach, Daniel Best

Peripheral Intravenous Site Rotation, Victoria A. Board


Medication Reconciliation: Preventing Errors and Improving Patient Outcomes, Amanda S. Boren

Reduction of Central Line Infections by Using Chlorhexidine-impregnated Dressings, Kaitlyn C. Brooks

Preventing Central Line Infections, Kristen T. Brooks

Isolating Illness and Non-compliance, Emma Bryan

Surviving Sepsis, Courtney L. Buckman

Nursing Education on Blood Transfusions, Paige Buckner

Be Aware Wash With Care, Megan M. Burleson


Personal Protective Equipment Use for Patients with Clostridium difficile, Mallory L. Compton

Preventing Blood Culture Contamination, Brooke L. Deal

Reducing Post-Operative Infection Readmissions by Discharge Edcuation, Kayla DeVore


Fall prevention, Cody Durbin

Spinal Trauma: Movement & Immobilization, Melinda Edwards

Determining Risks and Preventing Musculoskeletal Injuries in the Workplace Unit, Heidi Frazier Ms.

Improving vital signs documentation by implementing aide post conferences and simulation education, Meagan Frazier

The Bed Bath Versus the Bag Bath in Patient and Nursing Outcomes, Skyler K. Frye

Don't Get Caught With A Cauti, Whitney N. Gordon

Improving Fall Risks in Cognitively Impaired Patients, Jessica Gream

Improving Compliance with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Kayla E. Hancock

Dedicated Education Units: Bridging the Gap between Education and Practice, Maggie C. Hancock

Patient Care Equipment as a Pathway for Infection, Laura Hawkins


Emergency Education to Students in a Rural Healthcare Area, Stacie L. Hearell

Sequential Compression Devices Versus Graduated Compression Stockings, Brooke Heisner

Post-Stroke Early Therapy: Linked to Quicker Recovery and Improved Outcomes, Alicyn J. Hester

Nurse Residency Program, Kristin A. Hobbs

Ventilator Associated Pneumonia, Selin Hong

Non-Opioid Chronic Pain Management, Mary K. Houser

Can Hourly Rounding Decrease the Incidence of Patient Falls?, Jessica L. Jobe

Acuity Based Nurse Staffing, Allyssa M. Johnson

Wrong Blood, Wrong Patient: Preventing Blood Transfusion Errors, Kaitlyn E. Keller

End-of-Life Decision Making: Communication between Nurses and Families, Elizabeth A. Landewee

Reducing rates of catheter-associated urinary tract infections, Hillary Lane


HESI: A Quality Improvement Study, Sarah C. Locke and Jalpaben B. Patel

The Efficacy of Intravenous Acetaminophen, Lindsee Lyles

Bedside Report, Mallory N. Maxwell Ms.

Stethoscope or Staphoscope: Bacterial Contamination of Stethosocopes, MacKenzie Meyers

Successfully Treating Pediatric Behavioral Health Patients In the Emergency Department Setting, Bridgette Nenninger


TB Screening Guidelines for Transitional Care Unit, Caleb E. Newcomer

Medication Administration Interruptions, Brianna R. Oexmann

Phasing Out Physical Restraints, Blake E. Parker

Noninvasive Portable Clincal Devices, Amee M. Patel

Medication Errors Due to Exhaustion, TaKeyla S. Pewitte

Effects of Training on Suicide Assessment and Intervention, Vanessa Phillips Bosshart

Improving Patient Flow Through the Emergency Department, Sara Pille

Prevention of Psychosis, Magen Pollock

Tiresome 12 VS. Focused 8, Sydney J. Potts

Quality Improvement Through Clinical Alarm Management, Heather R. Raley

The use of Simulation Based Education and its Impact on patient and nursing outomes, Morgan Ralph

Increasing Novice Nurse Retention, Shainestee Smith

Reducing Opioid Dependency in a Clinical Setting, Mary T. Spencer

Staffing and Adverse Patient Outcomes, Alexis Strickland

Achieving a Zero Percent Rate of Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection, Lynsey M. Thomas

Acuity Based Staffing: An approach to improved outcomes, Kaile Turner

Multidisciplinary Rounds and the Effect on Patient Care, Tori Twidwell

Efficiency of Discharge Criteria, Kaylee B. Williams Mrs

Transforming Care at the Bedside, Shelbie A. York