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Animal-Assisted with Nursing Home Residents

kierstyn stevens

Couplet Care

Melanie Husk

Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping

Autumn E. Coomes, Murray State University

Educating Nurses on Therapeutic Discussion of Code Status

Alanna Wathen

Family Presence During Resuscitation

Brittany Whistle, Murray State University, Sigma Theta Tau

Fast-Tracking to a Better E.R.

Allison Weedon

Implementation of Music Therapy to Reduce Anxiety in ICU Patients

Calley Womack

Implementing a Standard Handoff amongst Nurses

Brennan Kunkel

Implementing Dysphagia Screenings in Stroke Patients

Meredith Buller

Implementing Mandatory Bedside Report between Nurses

Tosha Taylor

Implementing Mandatory Psychiatric Training for Medical-Surgical Nurses

Hannah Berry

Implementing Music as a Distraction to Reduce Pain and Anxiety in Pediatrics

Marcanah Frye

Implementing PPE and Precaution Use Among Patient Families and Visitors

Ashley Dunn, Murray State University

Implementing the Use of Nasal Midazolam During Acute Seizures

Elizabeth Armstrong

Implementing trauma-informed care early in the lives of children and adults

Carley Clymer

Improving Discharge Understanding for Emergency Department Patients Through Implementation of Teach-Back Method

Nick Hunerkoch

Music Therapy as a Means of Pain Reduction and Decreased Opioid Use in the ICU Setting

Dakota Shemwell

Music Therapy in the Labor & Delivery Setting

Erin Windham, Murray State University

Recommending that School Nurses Provide Mental Health Screenings to Students

Mariah Dufault

Requiring that information on umbilical cord blood banking options be provided prior to admission to the L&D unit

Leighton Terrell

Stat-Lock Stabilization

Michelle Hicks

Stroke Education

Jaq Stephenson

Swaddling Newborns during Painful Procedures Helps to Decrease Pain

Shelby Hawes, Murray State University

The Benefits of Motivational Enhancement Therapy for Substance Abuse Users

Katie Cathey

Upright Positioning in Second Stage of Labor

Courtney Brown