The Office of Research and Creative Activity is pleased to announce the return of Research and Travel Grants for our students, mentored by faculty members, working on research or creative activity beyond the classroom.

Proposal acceptance for the 2018-2019 academic year closed on January 23, 2020. A new round of grant opportunities will open at the start of the Fall 2020 semester.

Before you begin your submissions on this Digital Commons page, be sure to download and complete either the Travel Grant form (click to access) or the Research Grant form (click to access). Once the appropriate document is completed, submit it to this page by going to "Author Corner" in the left sidebar and clicking on "Submit Research and Travel Grant Application."

Accepted award funding information will be displayed on this page, including the student's name, faculty mentor name, and a brief student-submitted abstract or summary of the research or creative activity. Read more about the grants here.

Questions? Contact us.


Research and Travel Grant Applications from 2020

The Role and Effect of Instagram Advertising on Young Women in Saudi Arabia, Al-hnouf Al-harbi

Microgreen Student Research, Zach Phelps

Searching for evidence of a global catastrophe in the East African Rift Basin: Did the Toba supereruption alter paleoflora at Gona, Ethiopia?, Kevin K. Takashita-Bynum and Gary E. Stinchcomb

Bookbinding for Puerto Rico: Culture, Food, Folklore, Savannah Jane Walton, Cameron Daryl Savage, Norma Luann Colby Ms., Sarah Catherine Cox Ms., Roby Joe Blackwell Mr., Malcom Mathison Fife Mr., Ashley Nicole Shell Ms., and Autumn Taylor Brown

Site Formation Processes of the Yaalu Archaeological Site during a Period of Anatomically Modern Human Migration, Marie N. White and Gary E. Stinchcomb

Research and Travel Grant Applications from 2019

Assessing the Influence of Telecommunication Towers on Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) Nesting Productivity and Behaviors in Western Kentucky, Gage Barnes and Andrea K. Darracq

Assessing the Influence of Telecommunication Towers on Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) Nesting and Behaviors in Western Kentucky, Gage Barnes, John Hewlett, and Andrea Darracq

Expecting to be poor: economic threat, desperation, and spending behaviors., Ashley-Lauren Barrett and Jana Hackathorn

Is sexism taking on new forms in movies? An ambivalent sexism perspective, Morgan Brewington

Pharmacokinetics of a single feeding of pelleted cannabidiol in horses, Anna Collins, Shea Porr, and Amanda J. Davis

Sport and perspective taking, Hillary Copeland

Whose Anxiety Is It Anyway? Helping Students Overcome the Crisis of Communication Apprehension in the Classroom, Ryan Goke and Emeline Hecht

Life Without Borders: Adapting Communication to Transcend the Permeable Boundaries Surrounding the Roles of a Graduate Student, Ryan Goke, Rebekah M. Thomas, and Logan Copeland

Perceptions of Adult-Sex Industry 2019, Jessica Hodges

Evaluating Soil Organic Matter Pools and Earthworm Counts in Response to Land Restoration, Mackenzie Hoffman

Gender and Representation: Economic Performance and the Emergence of Women in State Politics, Chris Jackson

Students Attitude toward Using Facebook for Enhancing Writing Skill, Naser Maliar

Reassessing Postclassic Settlement Data from the Cerro el Vigia Hinterland of Tres Zapotes, Veracruz, Matthew Meyer and Marcie L. Venter

Prevalence of Synthetic Opioids, Cathinones, and Cannabinoids in Four U.S. Communities, Catherine O'Rourke and Bikram Subedi

Arduino Digital Synthesizer, James Paschall

Pornography and Casual Sex, Tully Pritchett

Hutson School of Ag and Nutrition Department Homegrown Ingredients Collaboration, Brandt James Ramsey

Presentations: Language and Culture, Rakhshanda Sartaj

Building a Responsive Transparency for Diversity and Equity in the College Classroom, Kevin Shields

21st Century Warm-ups: Beginning Lessons with Engagement, Kendyl Suess and Miguel Gomez

Consumer Attitude toward Foundations and Corporate Company Partnerships, Amanda Swift and Ismail Karabas


Consumer Response to Foundations and Firms When Firms Own or Sponsor a Foundation, Amanda Swift and Ismail Karabas

I’ll Have What He’s Having: Acceptability of Mate-Poaching Behaviors, Eileen Tam

An Examination of Middle Formative through Early Classic Ceramic Attributes from Stratified Contexts at Matacanela, Veracruz, Kevin William Wann and Lacy Ernestine Risner

Evidence of Late Pleistocene and Holocene paleo-Critical Zones at Gona, Ethiopia, Marie White, Kevin K. Takashita-Bynum, Gary E. Stinchcomb, Jay Quade, Naomi Levin, Nels Iverson, Nelia Dunbar, William McIntosh, Lee Arnold, Mathieu Duval, Mike Rogers, and Sileshi Semaw

LADDER: A Multimodal Composing Task For Second Language Classrooms, Yiding Zhao

Research and Travel Grant Applications from 2018

Display Behavior in Male Siamese Fighting Fish in the Presence and Absence of a Female, Alyssa J. Allen

“A Nostro Modo”: Transnational Influences of Early Jesuit Scholars and Explorers in the New World, Lydia K. Biggs Ms.

We Can Be Teachers Too: Empowering Students with Disabilities to Create Their Own River of Dreams., Clare Curran, Leigh Anne Pool, Grace Conrad, and Cindy Clemson

Two, Four, Six, Eight, How Many Ingredients Do You Appreciate? An Exploration of Cocktail Ingredients, Hannah Daab, Sarah Lefebvre, and Marissa Orlowski

Losing My Religion: Examining the Effects of Religion and Mortality Salience, Thomas DeRossett and Tommy DeRossett

Twin Teachers: Breaking Down Barriers between High School and College Instructors Through Individual Connections (working title), Zachary Garrett

Overly Casual Emails in the Workplace, Emeline Hecht and Geoffrey Luurs

Reducing the Impact of Early Childhood Stressors on Problem Behaviors, Kyler Joachim and Dr. Esther K. Malm

Picture Word Induction Model (PWIM): Come and Learn about this Picture-Perfect Strategy!, Tiffany Kunik and Savana Jones

Horse Care and Management in Horse Clubs in China, Zhen Li and Shea Porr

Evaluating the effects of handmade cards on hospitalized patient's health, Abigail Prins and Dina Byers

Underwater Archaeology of Bluefields Bay Jamaica, Lacy Risner and Kevin Wann

Technological Media and Human Behavior, Veronica Ruby

Online Dictionaries in ESL/EFL Education: Three Guidelines for Literacy Tasks, Liliia Shaekhova, Christopher W. Buck, Naser Maliar, and JiaJia Li

Past as Future/Past Rhetorics as Repurposing., Virginia Sisemore and Paul Walker

The persistence of salt-affected paleosols at Gona, Ethiopia: A sedimentary archive of Middle to Late Pleistocene soil salinity within a corridor of early human migration, Kevin K. Takashita-Bynum, Gary Stinchcomb, Naomi E. Levin, Jay Quade, Nels Iverson, William C. McIntosh, Nelia Dunbar, Lee Arnold, Mathieu Duval, Michael Rogers, and Sileshi Semaw

Exploring the impacts of past environments and climates on the initial dispersal of humans out of Africa, Kevin Takashita-Bynum and Gary Stinchcomb

Physical and chemical analysis of paleosols before, during and after periods of Anatomically Modern Human migration at Gona, Ethiopia, Kevin Takashita-Bynum, Gary Stinchcomb, Marie N. White, Steven G. Driese, Steve Dworkin, Naomi E. Levin, Jay Quade, Nels Iverson, William C. McIntosh, Nelia Dunbar, Lee Arnold, Mathieu Duval, Margaret E. Peck, Michael Rogers, and Sileshi Semaw

Student Teachers’ Similar and Different Patterns of Using Strategies and the Influential Factors When Reading Electronic Texts in Classroom Contexts, Yiding Zhao

Research and Travel Grant Applications from 2017

Culture in Chaos: Kyoto in the Warring States Period, Benjamin James Ashby

The Impacts of Short-Term Agricultural Study Abroad Programs, Anthony G. Bittel III

Improving the Recyclability of PET-PE Mixed Waste Streams, Abigail Bratton

Impact of Family Structure on Economic Activity during the Early Modern Period in England and Scotland, Chloe Chaplin and Kathy Callahan Dr.

Evaluating the Impact of Continuous Grazing in Pastures on Soil Quality in Central and Western Kentucky, Emily Cook

Occurrence of parasites and zoonotic diseases in feral and privately-owned cats in Murray KY, Nicole A. Creeden

DEOMI Organization Climate Survey: An Assessment of Locally Developed Questions, David I. Crittendon

Redistributive Market Changes that May Arise if a Big Four Accounting Firm Fails, Charles Graves, Elizabeth Donovan, Amanda Grossman, and Daniel Harris

Research Strategies: Why, What, Where, and When, bailey green, MacKenzie Meyers, Whitney Ellington, Mason Robinson, and Christina Grant

A Graphical Game, Southwesterly Snakes, Emily Hoard

Political Affiliation and Attitudes, Jessica Hodges and Jana Hackathorn

Student Engagement and the Reading Classroom, Elizabeth Hunter

Research-Based Reading Strategies: Why, What, Where, When?, Whitney Kilcoyne, Morgan Mayer, Mason Robinson, Bailey Green, and Christina Grant

Imperial Anglicanism in Colonial America, Jack Lee

Research-Based Reading Strategies: Why, What, Where, When?, Morgan Mayer, Bailey Green, Mason Robinson, Christina Grant, and Whitney Kilcoyne

Utilizing Municipal Compost and Equine Stall Waste as Potential Economic Alternatives in an In-Ground Pot-in-Pot Production System, Ashley H. Robert and Alyx Shultz

Research Stategies: What, Where, When, How, Mason Robinson, Morgan Mayer, bailey green, Whitney Kilcoyne, and Christina E. Grant

Murray State University Mock Trial Tournament, Kelsey Yates

Research and Travel Grant Applications from 2016

Comparing inner ear morphologies of globicephaline (Odontoceti: Delphinidae: Globicephalinae) dolphins, Abigail Glass, Rachel Ann Racicot, Simon Darroch, and Michelle Casey

Financial Aid as a Recruitment Tool for Transfer Students, Megan Gullett

Transforming Students' Sense of Entitlement Through Engaging Curriculum, Kalyn Niehoff and Miguel Gomez

Research and Travel Grant Applications from 2015

Transnational Influences of Early Jesuit Scholars and Explorers in the New World From 1560-1700, Lydia K. Biggs Ms.

Miscanthus and hemp as alternative bedding material for horses, Jamie Wolfzorn, Shea Porr, Danielle Harding, Amanda Davis, and Michelle Santiago

Research and Travel Grant Applications from 2014

The Imperial Legacy: An Investigation of the Connective Trends of Empire and Genocide in Modern German History, Laura Guebert